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Wall Street Journal: Biden Admin Delaying Sale Of F-15s To Israel

The Biden administration has yet to move forward with the sale of 50 F-15 fighter jets to Israel even after two top Democrats finally agreed to the sale last month, US officials told the Wall Street Journal.

“There is no policy guidance to slow down transfers to Israel,” a State Department official told The Wall Street Journal. However, he added that some in the administration are concerned the deal could lead to broader congressional opposition.

“We are looking tactically at the timing. It is not a question of whether,” the State Department official said. “It is a question of when.”

“That is highly unusual. The formal notification after Congress has cleared the case usually takes, at most, a week,” a former State Department official told the Journal.

The White House declined to comment.

The report came the same day as a report that the White House canceled a strategic meeting in Washington scheduled for Thursday following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s video message on Wednesday slamming the Biden administration for withholding arms to Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Israel makes their own drones, some which are massive in length and wingspan breadth as well as projectiles. Why not take it to the next step?

  2. the biden administration isn’t withholding arms to israel, they just blocked the delivery of 2,000-lb bombs, that’s all. move along, there’s nothing to see here… and then they blame netanyahu for complaining about it.

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