Yerushalayim’s Eruv Questionable This Shabbos


eruv.jpgAfter a number of weeks of secularists intentionally downing portions of the Yerushalayim eruv, it appears that rabbonim responsible for the mehadrin eruv in chareidi and other areas will call on the tzibur this Shabbos to refrain from carrying between neighborhoods. In essence, the rabbonim are not willing to rely on the central eruv which connects one neighborhood to another, and responsibly parties will be compelled to ensure each local eruv is in order.

This prohibition would include many major routes, including roads leading to hospitals, including Shaare Zedek, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Hadassah Mount Scopus, Bikur Cholim, and the MDA building. It also means roads leading from the neighborhoods of Katamon, Bayit Vegan, Ramat Shlomo, the Kosel, Ramot, Har Nof and Kiryat Yovel would be without an eruv. That means, one must assume there is no eruv on any road leading to any of the neighborhoods, and all roads leading to the Kosel are without an eruv.

The drastic decision follows a number of weeks of sabotage to the eruv, with last week’s attack being the most serious, occurring on Shabbos, resulting in thousand of people being mechalel Shabbos without knowing it.

An eruv hotline number has been established to enable the tzibur to phone and hear first-hand what the rabbonim have decided prior to Shabbos. 1-700-501-522.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Please do not say those people were mechalei shabbos if the central eruv was still operational. There are many that rely just on the central eruv every week and you are implying they are mechalei shabbos all the time because they are not taking on chumros/hiddurim.