Barak Speaks of Jerusalem as the Capital of Two Nations


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kosel.jpgIn an interview with the al-Jazeera Arab News Agency on Wednesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak stated areas of the eastern capital will become portions of the PA capital in the future. He explained that when the government adopted the Clinton plan, it became clear this would be a future reality, stating the question remains how one actualizes this in reality – something his Labor Party would have to ponder.

Barak also made reference to growing Iranian nuclear threat, a threat that is becoming increasingly worrisome with time as the international community continues sanctions as Tehran moves forward towards nuclear independence.

The defense minister stated that “any option” remains a viable option if and when Israel decides diplomatic efforts have failed. He added that he proposes that other nations follow suit and leave all options available on the table.

Kadima Party leadership hopeful Minister of Transportation Shaul Mofaz decried a policy of giving away portions of Yerushalayim, adding that at least Barak has the courage to speak his mind, unlike others who plan to do the same but do not verbalize it.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. This man is a danger. How anyone with half a brain could voote for him is a miracle. The teretz must be that they dont even have half their brain!

    He has done NOTHING in his career. He never attached his name to a bill that went anywhere (not that congress has done anything since the dems took over 2 years ago anyway). He is ALWAYS on the wrong side of every issue (ah but wait a minute he may change and change again, and again). He runs around yelling about “change” and “hope” but there is nothing behind those words aside for higher taxes on everyone.

    Let me remind y’all what happened the last time we had a President from “Hope.” The shumutz level of this country took a nose dive and then we argue over billboards.

    Obama CANNOT win.

    Moderators Note: Obama? WHo said anything about OBAMA here?

  2. For decades since 1967 [and of course, before as well], the overwhelming Israeli consensus is that Yerushalayim is the undivided capital of Israel and the Jewish People, forever! Neither Barak, Livni, Mofaz nor anyone else has the right to change this!!!

    A recent revelation has shown that:
    The widely-disseminated Arab Moslem position that the Temple Mount is not Jewish has been debunked – by the Supreme Moslem Council (Waqf) of Jerusalem, in a Temple Mount guide published in 1925.

    Jerusalem is ours – FOREVER!!!

  3. Well, this is no surprise. This is the same barak that would have given half of Yerushalayim and 99% of Yehuda and Shomron to arafat, and only through the chasdei HaSh-m, HE put into arafat’s sick mind to refuse the deal. This is the same barak that abandoned our allies in Lebanon and gave birth to the expression “Barak Barach” (barak fled). Barak will fall just like all of those who betray Eretz Yisrael, – Sharon, Olmert, Chalutz, etc. It is just a very sad commentary that ANYONE gives any value to anything this fool says.

  4. To #1 “The Great One” Mark Levin,

    You confused Barak (Ehud) with Barack (Obama). Besides their common-sounding names, the one thing they have in common is both want to divide Yerushalayim. A nechtigen tog! Ha-ir sheh-chubrah la yachdav will never be divided again, b’ezras Hashem!

  5. Can you imagine we are so knee deep in the upcoming presidental elections I saw Barak and I read the whole thing seeing the words Barak Hussein Osama Obama? I do humbly eat crow (fake crow is kosher).

    And yes Illini07, I am ready to say something when someone mentions Hussein Obama because derech ha’teva we will be up a creek without a paddle if he is elected.

    Perhaps the moderator can open a page in the coffee room where this could be discussed. I see out there in the real world that Obamanation is so caught up on electing Osama that they fail to think what he stands for.

    I am in a “service related inductry” and it it only those who are willing to listen for a moment that end up saying things like, “Hey I dont want to have someone with like that as my President! I see I will really pay more in taxes and if its “only” my boss who pays more, that means my raise or my bonus is donated to the Feds and not my wallet. Thats NOT good!”

  6. 1. Israel is officially run by morons and is suicidal.

    2. A. Mr. Levin, why would be more up the creek without a paddle if Obama gets in office as compared to if McCain gets in office?

    B. Are you the Mark Levin on the radio?

  7. To Commenter # 12 (nfgo) The Torah may not specify the exact borders of Jerusalem, BUT it does give us the borders of the Land of Israel, and by ALL interpretations it goes MANY, MANY, MANY miles north, south, east, and west of the united city of Jerusalem.

  8. 1. first of all, interestingly, barak ehud actually lives over the “green line” in kochav yaakov, though he is doing everything he can to give it arafat’s successors, whatever they are called.

    the green line is an artificial creation, denoting nothing but an arbitrary “cease fire” line dating back to jan 1949.

    2. the boundariers of yerushalyaim are specified in masechet sanhedrin; when mashiach comes, they will undoubtedly be set (via appropriate korbanot given at the specified borders) at the CURRENT boundaries of yerushalayim!

  9. To rabbiofberlin, AynOdMilvado1, and nfgo:

    The borders of yerushalyim are not important because, even if you give it and the whole of the land away to arabs, christians, eskimos, the land itself will still remain “eretz yisroel”. It will affect the international view of that part of the land, and it will no longer be part of what is known as “medinat yesrael” though it will ALWAYS remain part of eretz yirael.

    Besides, the Gedolim were happy to give away Gaza to the arabs, what’s wrong with giving away arab parts of ‘Jerusalem’ that jews very rarely enter?

    Just a thought…