Lower Manhattan Residents To Rally Against NYPD


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nypd2.gifLower Manhattan residents are up in arms over plans to build a state-of-the art addition to NYPD headquarters.

Angry residents are scheduled to rally this afternoon near One Police Plaza to protest the addition of a planned 22,000 square foot command bunker at the site.

Tenants of three neighboring co-ops filed a lawsuit last week to force the NYPD to undergo environmental and land use reviews.

The New York Post reported in May that the bunker would be used as a nerve center for both crime fighting and for responding to terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Residents are upset they were not told about the command center, and they say the NYPD should move critical functions away from the densely-populated area. The NYPD says no review is needed for the project under the law, since it does not change the exterior or the footprint of the building.

(Source: NY1)


  1. Actually, putting a command center there would be nothing more than repeating Guiliani’s mistake of putting it by the WTC. I would even move Police Headquaters. Lets see, lets put something of so vital importance next to a terrorist target (Police Plaza) which is right next to another target,(the Brooklyn Bridge).As far as the NYPD protecting us, I would say that this is more about a Police Commissioner try to leave a legacy for a hopeful run for mayor. Waste of taxpayer money.