Federman Farm: Frum Soldiers Tricked into Assisting in Destruction


According to a report appearing in the daily Ma’ariv newspaper, this week’s IDF razing of the Federman Farm home in the Kiryat Arba area was a well kept secret, even from IDF commanders.

After the fact, it has been learned that some of the soldiers who prevented Jews from reaching Chevron during the night to oppose the destruction of the home were from the Givati Brigade, frum soldiers known in the system as “Beinishim” (Bnei Yeshiva). Some of the soldiers have complained according to Ma’ariv, having been duped into indirectly assisting towards the destruction of a Jewish home.

What happened is the IDF commanders orchestrating the destruction of the home told lower level field commanders to position their soldiers to prevent anyone from heading towards Chevron and Kiryat Arba due to a serious terrorist situation taking place. The Beinishim thought that were keeping civilians safe by preventing them from reaching Kiryat Arba, but in actuality, they have learned that they were duped.

Ma’ariv reports even the deputy regiment commander, a lt.-colonel, was left in the dark until a very short time prior to the operation. The powers that be did everything in their power to ensure the Federman home would be destroyed, unwilling to permit anyone to stand in their way.

To date, nothing has been heard from human rights organizations despite the fact the IDF operation has left nine children and their parents homeless.

Humanitarian Aid for the Federmans

The Women in Green organization has spearheaded a humanitarian aid truck, working in concert with supporters from the Gush Etzion. The truck carrying goods for the Federman family made its way to Kiryat Arba on Tuesday, bringing basics including, blankets, clothing and furniture. Other communities, including Maale Adumim and Ra’anana plan to follow suit explains WiG co-chairperson Nadia Matar.

They couple has nine children, with the youngest being about one-year-old.

They were not permitted time to pack and were not given any advanced notice. They were ousted into the Chevron cold, left virtually without possessions, without anyone in the government expressing a modicum of concern regarding the welfare of the children or the parents.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Our Rabbis tell us that the army will join with the army of King Gog in the final war. We are witnessing this disgraceful entity’s final battles play out.

    It’s almost over. Sit tight and get back to Hashem…There is NOTHING left to rely on—the stock market and banks are going/gone…America is about to elect a president that will be one of the country’s biggest mistakes ever. Iran is looming overhead. Earthquakes, natural disasters, war in Iraq…

    It’s all the will of Hashem. Open your eyes and see it coming to fruition. We are about to witness the final and most intense revelation of Hashem Yitbarach.