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Israel: Cabbie Stabs Passenger

mishtara26.jpgA taxi driver of a sheirut line between Lod and Rechovot this week stabbed a fare, resulting in light-to-moderate injuries.

The passenger got into the cab in Lod, seated behind the driver. According to a Mishpacha report, the fare, a chareidi male, explained the driver was an Arab, “and I noticed from the get go he was driving too fast, passed red lights and was driving irresponsibly.”

“Other passengers got on and the driver asked me to pass the change to them. I told the driver I am undergoing chemotherapy for cancer [and am in a weakened condition] and do not wish to touch everyone’s hands.”

He became disrespectful and discourteous, resulting in a one-sided argument, the fare explained, adding he got off in Rechovot on Herzl Street, stopping to tell the driver “I am getting off and I do not owe you anything. Just know I am not your worker and the argument was out of place.”

The driver began cursing at the fare and spat at him, chasing after him after he left the taxi. He stabbed him in the head with a screwdriver and kicked him as well.

Kaplan Hospital spokesman Ophir Levy confirmed the victim arrived with a head injury as well as bruises to a leg. Baruch Hashem, the screwdriver did not penetrate or fracture his skull. He may however require surgical intervention in the future for his injuries.

The suspect remains in custody pending an indictment. He has admitted to the charges against him.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

10 Responses

  1. Why are Arabs allowed to be cab drivers in E”Y? A Jew literally takes his life into his hands when he boards a cab driven by an Arab. It’s just not worth it.

  2. Temper, temper.
    To every Arab any insult or talking back is considered major humiliation. Get the Arabs off the buses, taxis and shuerts, insist on “Jewish workers” only.

  3. All the young bocherim going back to learn, take sheiruts from the airport, and are probably not aware that they might have an arab driver!!

  4. #’s 1,4,6, and whoever else may have made similar comments but that I don’t see right now:

    I think you’re forgetting a little detail: Most Arabs aren’t extremists, and to assume they are is almost as bad as the lies they spew about us. Obviously there are security precautions, and I don’t like it any better not knowing who this person is, but I don’t think we should lash out at all arabs.

  5. This is really scary. I’m usually pretty good at knowing who’s arab and who isn’t, but sometimes I just cant tell… I’ve ended up in cabs with arab drivers. Boruch Hashem they were pretty nice to me,,, but it sure was scary!

  6. I don’t understand why the passenger did not pay for the ride he took from Lod to Rehovot. To benefit from the service and not pay is incorrect behavior, even if the treatment by the driver was unpleasant.

  7. SO he stiffed the cabbie and expected to get away with it? SInce when does an argument allow him not to pay the fare? Gnevas Akum is Mutar? ALl the commments till now are racist – so what if he was an Arab? You dont feel safe with one – ask the driver before you get in. But to stiff the fare?? Is everyone crazy here?

  8. To 10-metel,
    You are so right. This guy is lucky; if it would been a frei jewish driver- he would have used a knife or a gun. When the arab got angry- the jew responded with anger. He thinks that just because it’s EY you can do what you want even though we are still in Golus. He should have paid the fare and then filed a complaint with the gov. agency that licenses taxi drivers. He might have had a legal case depending on the circumstances, but refusing to pay put his life in danger!

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