Barak & Peretz Join Forces Against Netanyahu


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Labor leader Ehud Barak has joined forces with the party’s former leader, his political nemesis, Amir Peretz. The two are working together against a common enemy, Binyamin Netanyahu.

There were smiles and hugs as Barak attended a Peretz-hosted event, showing party unity as the Labor leader fights to keep his waning party from disappearing in the upcoming election, with pollsters predicting he will emerge with a single digit number of mandates.

Peretz called for party unity, stating the party can rebuild and return to its former glory. He used the forum to attack the current administration’s “failure” to address the economic realities that are rapidly engulfing the world global market. He stated the government continues to fail to provide accountability to its citizens and Labor is the only solution for an economically viable future.

Barak joined in, warning Israelis that it was Binyamin Netanyahu who is responsible for their pensions disappearing, promising Labor’s economic policies can deliver the nation back to prosperity and stability.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. What’s the hiddush? They are both in the same party. While someone in Labor might flirt with the new post-Meretz party or Kadima, no one would expect a doveish secular socialist to do anything other than attack Likud. This wasn’t newsworthy.