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Israel: New Chareidi Daily Expected Before Chanukah

yated1.jpgReports of a new chareidi daily in Eretz Yisrael appear to be gaining momentum as the buzz on the street indicates it may become a reality before Chanukah.

Meir Porush is behind the effort, and the timing is by no means an accident, hoping to bring the effort to fruition in time to carry the lists of the 18th Knesset lineup, with the deadline being 28-29 Kislev.

Following the fiasco in the chareidi community surrounding the Jerusalem mayoral race, and the coverage or the lack of it in certain chareidi papers, depending on your affiliation, Porush has decided to spearhead the effort to bring another flavor to the chareidi news market.

Beginning on Wednesday, groups of people will begin signing up subscribers in all chareidi areas, including the various chassidishe neighborhoods. The newspaper according to reports must have a minimum of 3,500 subscribers; with backers confident the goal will be achieved and most likely exceeded.

At present, the management of the new paper is working to assemble the rabbinical board which will supervise its operation, as well as seeking to assemble a staff of writers. While a name has not yet been selected, some of the possibilities being discussed are “HaMevaser” and “Kol Yisrael”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. #1 Once a week is enough.
    Why is another daily needed? Use that $$ for the poor, yeshivos, kollelim and hospitals. Complete waste of time..

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