Meet ‘HaMevaser’


mivaser.jpgIn Eretz Yisrael, there will be a new face in the chareidi printed media, the HaMevaser, a project of MK Rabbi Meir Porush, his apparent response to the hostile position adopted by the daily Hamodia during his recent unsuccessful bid in the Jerusalem mayoral race.

According to people involved in the new newspaper, thousands of people have already signed on for the new newspaper, which will bring a different outlook to chareidi homes, perhaps posing a threat to Hamodia, and even possibly Yated. Time will tell.

Porush sent a thank you letter to the thousands who opted to sign on, and by most predictions, many of them will simultaneously be saying good-bye to Hamodia (Hebrew that is).

Porush explains that after consulting with gedolei torah, the decision was made to move ahead with the newspaper, as well as the name, and he promises it will provide “a forum for everyone”.

While most see the newspaper as a natural replacement for Hamodia, there are many who feel Yated will also lose subscribers, since there is a segment of readers displeased with the factionalist position in the newspaper.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I am “so” glad,taht in light of the recent tragedies in India. Porush still felt compelled to create a chasm within the frum community. Let’s “really” take a lesson from this and create more machloikes!

    Regardless of his reasonings. Right or wrong.True or Falso. I feel it is uncalled for.

    “hakinah , hataivah v’hakovod motzein es haadam min haolam”
    Was the “lesson” of India not enough of a wake up call for us????
    L’maan hashem! klal yisroel!
    WHAT are we waiting for??????C’v
    a CLEARER sign from the ribono kol oilam that sinas chinam is despicable???

  2. Hold it a second, I dont understand something, the Gedolim in Eretz Yisroel like R’Eliyashev etc. are begging the Olam NOT to take any newspapers into their homes, so Y is he starting a NOW Jewish – Orthodox daily newspaper? to go against the Gedolim? BTW the reason why Hamodia wrote against Porush is because Hamodia id controlled by Ger.

  3. “there are many who feel Yated will also lose subscribers, since there is a segment of readers displeased with the factionalist position in the newspaper” Is it any less factionalist to refer to your news paper as “Iton shel hayahadut HANE’EMANAH”?

  4. It’s interesting that Porush will actually be taking revenge on the Yated, his supporters, rather than on Hamodia. The natural subscriber base of Yated and Porush are the charedi yeshivish readers. The subscriber base of Hamodia are mostly Gerrer and other chasidim. I highly doubt that Gerrer will subscribe to Porush. That means that his new newspaper can only take away subscribers from Yated. So much for the wisdom of Porush.

  5. I am worried that a 3rd paper may put all of them out of business. What gedolim would like for this to happen ? perhaps the bnai yeshivo’s and kollel members spend too much time on these matters.

  6. Meir Porush’s action will only cause a stronger rift in the chareidi community. I am suprised the gedolim would allow this to happen. It is just revenge against other Yidden. So sad.

  7. i do not believe it will work as he will have enough trouble with the politics which is behind his organization which is somehow controversial.
    time will tell as I know the men personally

  8. who is the daas torah behind yaated and who is the daas torah behind this new newspaper.
    yes he wasnt tretaed properly-yet that doesnt mean everything should get out of hand and certainly not without careful guidance.
    re the first comments above who is cretaing the mqachlokes or rather may i quote rav shach ztzl when he came out wiht certain issues- and tried explaining what is a baal machlokes.I ts like holding onto something and then someone else tries to wrestle control and the original holdre shouts for help and is called a baal machlokes.

    maybe then the question should be – who is controlling what and with what political or physical clout na dat whose expense- and then who decides who is a godol ?

  9. #6 – Noone said R’ Elyashiv approved this newspaper – he says “Gedolei Torah” … who exactly??
    #11 – Also – which Gedolim?? There are no names given!

  10. Waste of time and money. Use resources for other things.. Does he think he would have won the election if there was this newspaper, that surely was not the reason!!!