What About Gaza?


barak.jpgGovernments of Israel over the years have exhibited a masterful ability to shift the public’s focus to change the national agenda. Today, the top story by all accounts is residents of Bet HaShalom and the government’s determination to uphold the law, to comply with the Supreme Court ruling to oust the residents of the Chevron building.

The defense minister, prime minister, and other government officials have become champions of democracy and are unable to continue with ‘business as usual’ until they have complied with the court ruling in the Bet HaShalom case.

The daily Ma’ariv discusses secret talks between Defense Ministry officials and representatives of Bet HaShalom, while the Council of Settlements is reportedly working diligently to avoid bloodshed and violence in Chevron. Ma’ariv’s front page addresses the Chevron crisis.

Defense Ministry officials also report that Defense Minister Ehud Barak has postponed his departure for the United States, citing Chevron and Gaza as the reasons, boldly placing the issue of Jews demanding to remain in the building which was legally acquired in the same sentence as the increasing rocket attacks into southern Israel, once again, seeking to shift the national agenda.

In this case, Mr. Barak has been successful, and judging by the daily newspapers and the radio broadcasts, the defense minister has done a commendable job vilifying the Chevron Jewish community, while efforts to enter into dialogue towards extending the Gaza ceasefire continue.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)