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Israel Mints Rebbe Coin

rcc.jpgAn official medallion is being created of The Lubavitcher Rebbe in Israel. It is the first in a collection of Jewish Sages featured on silver coins.

The medallion is silver, the front featuring the Rebbe’s face, and the back with a common design for the rest of the series, describing the holiness and wisdom of Jewish books, that all sages throughout the generations learn from. The next in the series will be the Rambam and the Chofetz Chaim.

There will be only 770 sold.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Lo Sa’aseh L’cho Pesel V’chol T’muna Asher Bashomayim Mema’al V’asher Bo’oretz Mitachas….

    Looks like the Posuk covers where ever you believe the Rebbe Shlita/ZT”L may currently be….

  2. ואמאי קרו ליה בנן של קדושים, דאפילו בצורתא דזוזא לא מיסתכלי – עיין בתוס’ שיעבור על “אל תפנו אל האלילים”
    (avoda zara 50a)
    And in this case there is certainly what to be concerned about!

  3. Isn’t the 2nd of the 10 Commandments:

    “You shall not make for yourself any graven image.”

    Is this medallion allowed, according to the Torah?

  4. As I was reading the article, I was wondering if all the pledges of increased achdus in light of recent tragic events would be upheld. It seems based on some posts that Ive been proven wrong. (Unless these comments are lighthearted)

    Most of us agree the Rebbe was a tzaddik. Those who dont have other avenues to voice their opinions. So come on guys, let’s keep the achdus going.

  5. OY! Is this more than “AVAK”

    There have been Chassidim who made similar commemorative coins, and they are still on sale. The big difference is that the ones done by the Chassidim do not show both eyes. They made it carefully to not show 2 eyes, as that was their way around the halacha.

    This coin shows both eyes.

    Would this make it a combination “Pesel” and “Temunah”???

    To be honest, I was a bit appalled by the original “Chassidisher” version of the “Rebbe Coins” but this one certainly seems to have crossed the line.

    Rav Belsky, Shlita, and some others have already expressed alarm at certain aspects of items surrounding Chabad as nearing Avoda Zara. He, in fact, mentioned the entire elevation of the number 770, as well as using images of the Rebbe, and immages of the building of 770. (In fact, the re-creation of the 770 building in other locations also seems a bit like “Avak”….)

    I feel bad for the neshama of this heilige man, Zichroinoi L’vracha. He must be shedding tears now.

  6. Most coins have the picture of the king (or queen). I guess the Zionistic government realizes that our kings are the rabbonon: “man malka – rabbonon”, and they lead Zion and Yerusholayim.

  7. B”H, this is good news, Im sure all of you have Gedolim pictures in your houses which state “youre eyes should be looking upon your teachers” – lets not bash just because we are jealous of Chabad, and learn to speak positive. Its so important in a time where we are coming so close to real achdus!!!

  8. 10-
    I write this as a “Boro Parker” who had many chances of seeing the Rebbe and I only have loads of respect for the man.
    Although 770 was chosen by some goy to be the address, the rebbe spoke about its signifigance and the hashgacha protis that the previous lubavitcher rebbe, the rayatz chose that spesific place to live and about all the gimatriyois etc. So the number 770 is very important to lubavitchers.

    As for the etzem inyan of putting the rebbes face on a coin, that I cant answer, I will have to ask a rov, but I doubt that was chabads doing, just as the next coin of the Chofetz Chayim will not be the doing of yeshivas chofetz chayim. It is probably some Yiddishe kup trying to make $$$ and choosing the “popular Rabbis” to put on coins.

  9. Azi- I’m with you. We have important numbers, 613, 7 etc… That Lubavitch made a big deal out of 770 is crazy. Just a postal address.

  10. Achdus means accepting all Jews as they are. It does NOT mean accepting heretical beliefs. We accept irreligious Jews, even though we do not accept their non-observance of Mitzvos. I saw a clip of a famous Chabad rabbi saying “It’s the Rebbe who runs this world!” Achdus is important. So is achdus Shemo Yisborach. Hashem runs the world. He has no partner. This can’t be compromised on for the sake of Achdus.

  11. Mercaz Harav Kook had a medal issued with a 2-d picture of R’Kook ztl, to avoid any issurim.
    the ICMc later issued a medal of R’Kook with an inscribed picture without asking anyones reshus.

    so these medals may be a marketing of the coins authority. period.
    Genug, keep cool, dont waste your pen on this.

  12. Stop finger pointing on who the better Jew is. It is gaiva, no?

    The Lubavitch do great work and have brought Jews closer, fulfilling a magnanimous mitzvah. There is too much rumor through grapevines that is useless.

    By pointing out rumors it just creates more evil by tempting people to speak about those not up to par in Litvag or any other segment of Jews.

    Let Hashem decide each individual favorably.

  13. Also, its not such a bad idea. A coin generates money. We have paintings, pictures, and cards or gedolim. A coin series, done in the right way, may not be such a bad idea. There were coins with worse images on them, even in the Bais Hamikdosh.

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