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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Terror Attack in Kiryat Sefer [UPDATED 12:43PM IL]

mda2.jpg8:09AM IL [UPDATES, VIDEO & PHOTOS BELOW] According to preliminary reports from Kiryat Sefer, an Arab armed with a knife is stabbing people in the street. It appears a number of people have already been injured. The extent of their injuries is not known at this time.

08:16AM IL
: According to the first Hatzolah responders on the scene, two people were stabbed or cut in their throats. They appear in moderate condition. The attacker seems to have fled the scene.

08:26AM IL
: It appears that what police believe was a terror attack began on Rashbi street near a shul. It now appears another person injured by a knife was found on Yehuda HaNasi Street. His condition is unknown. Regarding the first two victims, one appears to be in critical condition and the second moderate-to-serious.

In addition, an Arab male who was shot was found on Hillel & Shamai Street, presumed to have been the attacker but there is too much confusion to know with absolute certainty.

08:36AM IL: A search is underway for another Arab. According to statements from people who witnessed the attack in Kiryat Sefer, there were two terrorists, not one as was first believed.

08:47AM IL: A total of four people were injured in the Monday morning terror attack in the Brachfeld area of Kiryat Sefer, two seriously, one moderately and the fourth lightly.

08:53AM IL: Police are not ruling out the possibility that two Arabs were involved and they operated in different locations simultaneously. Police are still searching for one terrorist believed at large in the area.

09:01AM IL: Police report the attacker in Kiryat Sefer is an air conditioning technician who worked in the chareidi community. He used a screwdriver to attack his victims. A second attacker is believed still at large.

One victim is reported in serious condition at this time. The others appear in moderate and light condition according to the latest report.

09:06AM: The Vishnitz Rosh Yeshiva in Modi’in Illit was seriously wounded in the stabbing attack. The tzibur is requested to daven for Gavriel Yosef Avraham Aaron ben Yuta.

09:11AM IL: It now appears there are a total of five victims in the stabbing attack, two in serious condition and the others moderate and light condition. One terrorist, who was shot, is en route to a hospital in serious condition. A manhunt for a second attacker continues.

The preliminary police theory that two attackers operated independent of one another seems correct at this time.

09:25AM IL: Hatzolah volunteer Yehuda Herzig who was at the scene explains: All the victims were transported from the scene. Two are in moderate or more serious condition. The victims are important personalities in the chareidi world. The shul where the attack occurred is in the heart of the city near a building site.

The terrorist worked on the building site and also attacked his employer who is in serious condition. One very important rav is among the wounded. The attacker fled the scene with a foreman. They picked up someone on the way. The person they picked up is a member of the first response unit of the community, who immediately realized the person in the car is the terrorist who they are looking for. The incident ended with gunfire and the terrorist was seriously wounded.

10:06AM IL: A Hatzolah volunteer is among the seriously wounded in the terror attack. The tzibur is asked to daven for Aryeh ben Varda.

12:43PM IL: Tzvika Deutsch at about 12:30pm explained his brother Aryeh [ben Varda], who was seriously wounded in the Monday morning Modi’in Illit terror attack, was already in surgery for 2.5 hours. According to updates that he received from doctors, the surgery is going well and Aryeh sustained a fractured skull and there is internal cranial bleeding as well. Doctors are indicating the surgery should last about three hours.

Aryeh is married with four children.

The attacker works in Modi’in Illit construction for 12 years, and for the past three years, has been working for the brothers, who started their own contracting company. Tzvika stated that at present, it is difficult to use the word but prior to the stabbing attack, the attacker was considered a friend, someone he knew and treated well.


(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

13 Responses

  1. please say Thehilim for the Viznitz rosh yeshiva

    הגאון רבי גבריאל יוסף אברהם אהרן בן יוטא הזקוק לרחמי שמים מרובים

  2. please say tehilim for ALL of the injured.

    please say tehillim for the safety of ALL jews in ey to be saved from such attacks

    please say tehillim for ALL the soldiers

    please daven that the “leaders” should make wise decisions

  3. You know what happens when the dog bites the hand that feeds it. It’s long past time that the Israelis did the same.

    Let the Arabs employ each other, instead of the Yidden employing them. There are plenty of Yidden looking to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay; especially in today’s economic climate.

  4. Actually, there are NO Jewish people looking for an “honest day’s work” as a construction worker. If you hire a Jewish contractor, you will pay a “Jewish” price, and have Arab workers building your home anyway!

  5. #12- most of us want the most gain for the smallest price.

    but, what do you get?

    my next-door neighbor, here in this small town in Israel, had 3 feet of sewer water in her basement erev pesach, ruining all the merchandise in her run-from-the-basement store. the cause? during the original construction of the house, just a few years before (with a jewish contractor) a helpful arab worker never connected the house’s sewer line to the city’s sewer line. instead he plugged it with, drum roll please, a coke bottle. therefore, two years of raw sewage from that family’s home backed up and returned to pay a pre-yom-tov visit.

    oh, and my brother’s newly renovated gorgeous apartment in Yerushalayim. his kablan was chareidi- had a kid in my nephew’s gan. the kitchen sink was draining very slowly. diagnosis- a very carefully placed rock in the pipe.

    when are we going to learn?

  6. We are never goin to learn. They are never goin to learn either. Thats the way of the world. Thats the way it’s always goin to be.We may not like it,but too bad. We also have no right to condemn them all…..until of course it’s too late. These kind of events should just warn us against future attacks.

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