YWN Enters Closed Military Zone Along With Yad Eliezer & HEART Team


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h1.jpgLINKS BELOW: As thousands of troops received their final orders to proceed into the ongoing battle in Gaza today, YWN embedded with the legendary Yad Eliezer chessed organization and the remarkable HEART team, and captured the frenetic  moments of preparation before deployment.

It is not often that one gets to join military personnel during an actual war in the battle ground.  However, because of the long standing admiration the IDF has for Yad Eliezer, we were allowed to enter a secured military zone less than one kilometer away from the fighting in Gaza.  When we were first told that we would be granted access, we had no idea what the packages that we were about to deliver really meant to the chayalim.  Seeing their faces when we began handing out the packages is something that will forever remain etched in all of our minds and hearts.

Last evening, many seminary girls and other volunteers worked for hours making the packages that we would distribute today.  The packages consist of food and drinks as well as some personnel hygiene products that the soldiers lack in the field.  Also included in the package is a tehillim which many of the non religious chayalim appreciate as well.

It truly was an unbelievable experience davening mincha side by side with soldiers in flak jackets and in full military gear.  Many of the soldiers we davened with were preparing to go back into Gaza two hours later.  After mincha, we sang and danced with them to what can only be described as a monumental Kiddush Hashem. The mutual respect that everyone there had for the soldiers and the respect that they had for the chesed that Yad Eliezer & the HEART Team does, is surly the reason Hashem is helping us win this war.

VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS: Click HERE for a video, and click HERE for photos.

(Dov Gordon – YWN Israel)


  1. A donation of $20 to Yad Eliezer provides a soldier with a package including essential needs, clothingwise and food. Donate now when it is so needed & appreciated.

  2. I watched the video. You might want to edit out the part where Yad Eliezer gives out cigarettes. They are a great org, and I know the soldiers appreciated it, but…not the best thing to show.

  3. yknow yid3000 maybe they should cut out the pictures of the guns too. why should some pure eyes see it… instead of critisizing and putting a damper on yad eliezers amazing work , why dont you just reprogram your mind and look at the ciggarettes positively- as their medicine. i think even doctors would prescribe a pack for these young kids about to stare death i n the face

  4. “Also included in the package is a tehillim which many of the non religious chayalim appreciate as well.”

    remember there is no distinction when it comes to battle and when it comes to the world or the enemy we are all jews

    and being a jew means that we have a torah

    how much u accept is up to your bechira chofshis

    but we should not make the distinction between religious or not

    i do more mitzvos i also do less in all areas

    and we all know as jews that tehillim is what we need if u choose but we are all simply jews doing mitzvos trying to do whats right and make it happen for all the world

    i hope ull make a change that we are all just yidden trying to do more mitzvas

  5. yid3000 i am 100 percent sure that the hatzolah guys bought it for them because the soldiers asked for them not yad eliezer (my father was one of the hatzolah members)