Livni Having Difficulties Gaining Support, Even at Home


Kadima leader Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is not doing as well as she had hoped, deciding to focus her campaign on attacking others, primarily Likud candidate Binyamin Netanyahu.
It must be difficult for the Kadima leader, who was almost in the prime minister’s seat, but was deprived of the honor when she failed to reach an agreement with Shas, leading to early elections and the ongoing electioneering process.
Livni’s headaches do not only stem from Likud and other parties. Making things worse, her brother Eli this week made his decision and announced publicly he endorses the candidacy of Binyamin Netanyahu for prime minister, not his sister or her party.
Eli explained that his sister just doesn’t have what it takes and therefore, he cannot support her for the leadership position.
It must be remembered Livni and her brother come from a strong right-wing revisionist background and prior to Ariel Sharon’s decision to break from Likud to launch Kadima; the entire family were long-time Likud supporters.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)