Police Undercover Agents Bring Fake Bombs into N. Area Malls


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mishtn1.jpgPolice running checks on mall security inspections are expressing concerns over the painful reality that three fake bombs were brought in Krayot and Haifa area shopping malls in the north just three days after the failed major car bomb attack in Haifa’s Cinemall. The fake explosives were placed in bags in the trunk of vehicles, in large enough quantity that a reasonable inspection should have revealed their presence.

Police were instructed to place fake explosives in the trunks of vehicles and enter parking lots as part of an effort to evaluate the efficiency of mall parking lot inspections.

The tests were ordered following the motzei Shabbos bomb attack which Baruch was unsuccessful (see YWN report HERE).

Police add officials who are responsible for security in the malls in question were summoned to explain the failure of personnel to detect the explosive devices.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)