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Report: IAF Targeted a Hamas Weapons Supply Train in Sudan

iaf.jpgAccording to a CBS report, the IAF in January attacked a truck convoy in Sudan that was transporting weapons intended for Hamas in Gaza.

Israel and the US signed an agreement towards international cooperation to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza. According to the CBS World Watch report filed by David Martin, intelligence data led to the discovery of the truck convoy which was to travel through Egypt and then to bring the weapons into Gaza via the tunnel system.

According to Sudanese Minister Mabruk Mubrak Salim, the powerful explosions caused by the ammunition being transported totally destroyed some of the trucks. Sudanese news sites add 39 people traveling in the 17 trucks were killed.

According to, the airstrike was an “embarrassment” to Sudan’s government, and it discussed the matter with Egypt’s government – allied with the US on most issues – “to gather more information to formulate a response.” 

The Web site added: “American and Israeli diplomats said the [January] agreement includes intelligence coordination to prevent arms from Iran from entering Gaza, maritime efforts to identify ships carrying weaponry, and the sharing of US and European technologies to discover and prevent the use of weapons-smuggling tunnels.”

The above report according to Martin is the “American version” while a Sudanese minister accused America of killing dozens of people in January.

The Office of the IDF Spokesman declined comment, stating it is not the norm for the military to respond to such reports.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. The story sounds dubious. How would Israel get reliable intelligence from Sudan, and why would they take the risks otherwise. Why would anyone be shipping weapons from Sudan to Israel (at least inland). The initial accounts were of the Americans attacking a civilian convoy, so why would Israel take the “credit.” And the event occured in January, so why would Israel think that an American “blessing” be of any use since the administration was a few days from changing.

    Israel might use the occasion to say they could reach that far, but the overall story is a bit weird and from unreliable sources. One should be skeptical.

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