6 Israeli Arabs Dead in Kfar Saba MVA


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mda3.jpgIn yet another tragedy on Israel’s roadways, six people, four children and two adults were killed near Kfar Saba on Thursday afternoon when a truck flipped over onto a vehicle. Three others, two children and an adult, remain in critical condition in Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center.
The accident occurred on Route 55, near Kfar Saba. The victims were transported from the accident scene to Tel Hashomer, Beilinson and Meir Hospitals.
According to the preliminary investigation, a commercial vehicle that arrived at Kever Binyamin Junction turned left, and a semitrailer slammed into it. A paramedic on the scene explained two trucks collided and somehow, one of them flipped onto a van as a result. The vehicle was so badly damaged; rescue workers were unable to identify it.
The victims were identified as residents of the Israeli Arab community of Kafr Kassam.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. #1, it was a tragedy.
    2. it would have been more bkavod and maybe not a chillulHashem[for us] if the ARAB ws in the text and not on the headline
    3. it was a transport of special needs children
    that intersection is a very dangerous one
    the transfer vans driver was most probably at fault
    4. JEWISH rescue workers did all to save & comfort the children who didnt know what hit them, physically & mentally.
    they could only moan, the living amongst the dead.
    5. this is a direct message to US. it could have been someone close to you,just like in meron.
    we shouldnt make a purim shpeil that some “GEDOLIM” nebech couldnt get door-to-grave transport, because of police securit rules..
    hamayven yuven
    zol shoin zain d’geula

  2. #2, everything you wrote was on the marks until point #5. What is your problem with the Gedolim? Any low class government official gets to travel with a special permit and everyone understands it, but you can’t understand why a Gadol deserves it? Your priorities are messed up.

  3. it was definitely a tragedy if u don’t remember the ARAB bus driver at the meron accident was crying when he saw what happened (was not his fault & he knew they were Jews) 80% of these Arabs are simple people that are btzelm elokim rov would tell us that the victims of this tragedy are not from the 20% who are our enemies

  4. #4, where did you get your 80% from? I think its the other way around, at least 80% are murderers, and the rest are passive murderers.