IDF Looking for Chareidim for Intelligence Units


char.jpgAbout 30 new chareidi recruits are undergoing the appropriate training after which they will become part of the IDF’s intelligence community, primarily serving in the computer and technology aspect of the operation.
IDF officials explain the demands of the job are in line with one wishing to maintain a chareidi lifestyle, including an all male work environment. The “Bina Yeruka” program also include three minyanim daily, mehadrin food, and members of the military Rabbinate oversee the program to ensure it complies with the religious needs of soldiers.
Chabad’s Rav Y. Aaronoff praised the program and the IDF’s effort to reach out to accommodate the chareidim, which he explains will ultimately result in more chareidim joining the IDF. Rav Aaronoff, who heads Tzeirei Chabad, is one of the rabbonim overseeing the program.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. or perhaps they are looking for frum soldiers who will help spy on other Shomer Shabbos soldiers, considering that many of those who run the army see Orthodox Jews as the leading “existential” threat to zionism

  2. I think it is a great idea! That way they will be able to get additional Arabic and Persian translators for the ever greater growing network of terrorist cells! They will also be able to access the olim who are majority chareidi.