Landmark High Court Ruling in Favor of Reform Conversions


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courthammer1.jpgIsrael’s Reform Movement scored a major victory in a landmark ruling from the High Court of Justice on Tuesday. The three justice panel headed by court president, Justice Dorit Beinish, stated Absorption Ministry funds must be made available to the Reform Movement’s conversion program – providing equal budgeting as is done for existing [Orthodox] conversion programs. The court’s ruling went as far as to order retroactive funding for the past three years.
The petition was filed by the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism, the Reform Movement, maintaining funding must be given to all streams of Judaism preparing candidates for conversion, stating to date, non-Orthodox programs have been discriminated against.

Justice Beinish explained that in order to adhere to principles of freedom of religion, the state must support conversion programs of all streams of Judaism.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. freedom of religion,but not plagerizing. making your own religion and calling it Judaism. what about copyrights, misleading customers into thinkig they are joining judaism etc. etc?

  2. Hi everyone! My name is Judy and I’m starting my own religion! I call it Judyism! To join, all you have to do is to like gefilte fish and matzo balls. —Sound ridiculous?? Its not anymore ridiculous than the cafeteria-style “Judaism” of the reforms and conservatives (where you pick what you like and leave the rest behind)!!! The only “good” news is that their intermarriage rate is so high that they are self-destructing.

  3. Meaning any agency that is part of the government must register them as Jews, suggesting that Orthodox Jews in Eretz Yisrael should give up trying to influence the government in matters of personal status and instead should be demanding autonomy (which from a zionist perspective, is heresey, since the idea of zionism is to have a Jewish majority rather than communal autonomy).

    As in America, Jews in Israel must come to the realization that the non-Orthodox “Jews” are no more part of our people than, for example, the Palestinians (who are mostly descended from Jews who converted to Christianity, often involuntarily, in ancient times).

  4. This is a forseeable result of the mixing of religion and State in a democracy.

    Naturie Karta aside, we like having a “Jewish State” – and we appreciate living in a democracy (this goes even for you hotheads – with any other form of gov’t your ranting wouldn’t be permitted). And we thrill at the influence religious parties have in the Knesset and in the Prime Minister’s Office – But not enough people stop to think about the other side of the coin. You can’t have one without risking the other.

    This really is, you see, the flip side of the coin that gives our religious parties ministries and influence – it is the down-side, illustrating what can happen when the State is allowed to regulate religion. Frumkeit should have been left to the Rabbis, and kept out of government – dafka.

  5. Hi everybody I’m starting my own religion it’s called all your fellow Jewish brothers who are from a Jewish mother are called Jewish and we shouldn’t degrade or defame them with our comments here or anywhere else, oh wait! That relgion already exists! It’s called Judaism!

  6. TO: “MashiachNow23” – Your comment sounds so nicely politically correct and full of love, peace, and mom’s apple pie, BUT… when you say “all your fellow Jewish brothers who are from a Jewish mother are called Jewish”, you have to stop and remember that if these reform and conservatives have their way with conversion, YOU WONT KNOW WHICH MOTHER IS TRULY JEWISH BECAUSE SHE MAY HAVE “CONVERTED” NOT K’HALACHA, AND SO NEITHER SHE NOR HER CHILDREN ARE REALLY JEWISH! Obviously this has HUGE implications not only for her, but generations later, the descendants (perhaps not even knowing the circumstances of their own great grandmother’s “conversion”) will be walking around thinking they are Jews, and marrying people that think they are a marrying a Jew… -Its very nice to be all hearts and flowers, but this is a very serious issue, so let’s GET REAL!!!

  7. MashiachNow,

    You have an important point. Unfortunately, though, many who are part of Reform congregations are not Jewish, due to their acceptance of Patrilinial descent, as well as the many non-Jewish children of pseudo-converted mothers.

    This is a tragedy, something to cry about, not mock. However, please remember that “fellow Jewish brothers” refers to Jews, and according to some anecdotal evidence, close to 50% of some Reform congregations are non Jewish.

    Practice Ahavas Yisrael, but be cognizant of the facts. Not only do we have an obligation to love our fellow Jew, we also have an obligation to recognize reality and do our part to prevent false conversions, which are tragically decimating future generations forever. A sincere Jewish man who believes his spouse has converted properly will have children who are non-Jews. Use your (our) love to present Judaism properly, not to quiet those who are protesting what is a tragedy for these people, and Klal Yisrael, in the making.

  8. 10: “AynOdMilvado1”: I’m not sure which Shulchan Aruch you have on your shelf, probably not the one with the peace and flower stickers, but when you say get real: which halachic part of Jews from Jewish mothers, and your chiyuv not to berate them with your “civilized language” aren’t you maskim to?

  9. To: MashiachNow23 – we are NOT talking about “Jews from Jewish mothers”. What we are dealing with here are NON-Jews, who had a fake conversion, and therefore are STILL NON-Jews, but want to be considered as Jews!!!

  10. Entering a reform temple is not less assur then
    entering a Christian Church if the reform Temple has an extended hood that covers the sidewalk you are not aloud to walk by through the sidewalk you have to detour around it.
    where is the hearts and flowers?