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Bibi Meets the President in the White House (Speculation: Is Assault Against Iran Imminent?)

obbi.jpgPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday evening (Washington time) met in the White House with President Barak Obama, a meeting that officials report last one hour and forty minutes.

In the vague statements released surrounding the meeting, officials in Washington and Jerusalem reported the two leaders discussed the need to renew diplomatic contacts between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority).

Present during portions of the meeting were National Security Advisor Jim Jones, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, special Mideast envoy George Mitchell and Dan Shapiro, the director of Near Eastern Affairs in the National Security Council.

Mr. Netanyahu was accompanied by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, his close advisor Yitzchak Molcho and National Security Advisor Dr. Uzi Arad, as well as Ambassador to Washington Dr. Michael Oren. The media was banned.

The prime minister reportedly called on the PA to drop preconditions and to enter into talks, reaffirming Israel’s commitment to advancing diplomatic efforts towards a comprehensive peace agreement.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office report Mr. Netanyahu stressed that he is genuine in his desire to advance diplomatic efforts, reportedly stating he is willing to be generous regarding compliance with halting construction in yishuvim.

The president reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to Israel’s security,

The president and prime minister did meet in private for a portion of the meeting, during which time the two discussed the Iranian concerns. Some daring analysts believe that the meeting was to inform the White House of Israel’s planned strike against Iran, with Jerusalem well-aware the window of opportunity for a strike is rapidly closing.

Interestingly, the meeting itself was out of the ordinary, the result of a one-sided request from the prime minister, who was only informed the president agreed to his request after leaving for Washington. Also noteworthy is the fact that the media was not permitted in the Oval Office, another break from the norm.

While all reports are based on speculation, there is a cloud of mystery surrounding this meeting; including the fact the prime minister canceled a press briefing set for Tuesday.

On Tuesday the prime minister departs Washington, heading home via Paris, where he makes a stopover to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, with some speculating this is indeed related to an imminent offensive against Iran, with France recently standing firmly behind Israel towards eliminating the Iranian threat.

While one cannot know with certainty, the timing for such a move is as good as it is going to be, especially with western nations standing behind Israel – now aware that Israeli intelligence reports were correct all along, and Tehran is rapidly closing in on nuclear independence, a move that would pose an existential threat to Israel, as well as to western interests in the region and parts of Europe.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Hinei loi yonim veloi yishon shoimer Yisroel. Not bombing isn’t good, and not a great option; yes bombing is very dangerous and no one can predict its consequences; ein lonu al mi lehishuan eloh al Ovinu shebashemayim.

  2. remember this is speculation.

    at first obama didn’t see a need to meet netenyahu, if they spoke about Iran then obama should’ve agreed right away

  3. My personal opinion is that Netanyahu wants to feel out of Obama to see if the President will in anyway shape or form interfere with the Israelis. If not, how much can they count on the Americans if at all?

    I would like to repeat what Rabbi Amnon Yitchak said a few years ago; We can trust rely on Sharon nor Sharona but only on our Father in heaven!

  4. My assessment of my country Israel’s intentions, and I have lived here many years, is that we actually have no desire whatsoever to attack Iran.

    The pretense that Israel wants to attack Iran is all trumped-up theater to feed the right wing Israeli’s dream about what ubermenschen they are.

    The truth is right-wing Israeli governments have always surrendered: Begin the Sinai, Sharon Gaza.

    If Iran ever Chas V’ Shalom got nuclear power Israel would still be here. I lived in the US for thirty years with Soviet nuclear bombs aimed right at my back yard.

  5. To #5 Avreich Man – There is a HUGE difference between the Russian-American “cold war” and the situation now with Iran. I too lived through that in the States and remember “air-raid drills” in school where we were told to go under our desks and face away from the windows (as if that would have made a difference if a nuclear bomb exploded!!!)
    In any case, in the cold war, BOTH sides were aware of what was called the M.A.D. deterrent – or Mutually Assured Destruction, meaning if one side pushed the button initiating a nuclear attack, the other side would do the same, and NO ONE would survive. With both sides knowing THAT, neither side was crazy enough to push the button!
    The case with Iran is different.
    They ARE crazy enough to push the button, EVEN if millions of their own population get killed in retaliation. Just look at all the yishmaeli suicide bombers that want an express ticket to “paradise”.
    The Russians were EVIL, but they weren’t CRAZY.
    The Iranian leadership is both EVIL AND CRAZY!
    The Israeli government has NO interest in pumping up the machismo of the right-wing.
    Hopefully they DO have more of an interest in survival than in pleasing Obama!

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