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Natan Zahavi: Cash Prize for Smashing a Chareidi’s Face

charedi1.jpgRadio announcer Natan Zahavi, who air on 103 FM, used the airwaves on Sunday morning to incite against two communities, the chareidim primarily, as well as the “settlers”. Speaking about the shabbos protest at Intel, he said “they are not minors, they are ninjas, and if given the opportunity, they will lynch drivers passing by as well”. In his reference to chareidim, he called them “thugs with hair on their faces, funny hats, and odd coats that they wear in the heat of day… They regularly call police in Israel ‘Nazis’, as do many of the youths, ‘hot heads’ from the territories, who do the same. This was the case during the Disengagement towards police and soldiers who were complying with orders from their commanders, who were adhering to the dictates of the democratically elected government.”

“I am telling you like those like Rabbi Wolpe, who gives such people prizes, for insubordination, that I, Rav Natan Zahavi, will give a prize of NIS 1,000 a day for each day spent in jail for a policeman who smashes the face and breaks the teeth of anyone calling him a Nazi”.

“I repeat, I will give NIS 1,000 to any soldier or policeman who is called ‘Nazi’ at a shabbos protests and responds by smashing their faces”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Not that many Israeli police need an incentive to brutality, but I certainly hope this announcer is taken off the air and arrested for incitement! There is no doubt that many of the young chareidim at these demonstrations do behave terribly and even create a chilul HaSh-m, but this does not give someone with access to the airwaves the right to make such a criminal statement!

  2. Not exactly like the headline, he said nis 1000 for whoever punches the face of someone that calls a policeman a Nazi. (I’m not agreeing with what he said)

  3. He said “1,000 shekel” to any JEWISH POLICEMAN or JEWISH SOLDIER who IS CALLED A NAZI.

    He also said that NO OTHER CHAREDIM should be hurt.

    This is VERY DIFFERENT than what your headline states.

    Not that I agree with him, but why not tell the truth?

  4. I googled this zahavi guy and he does not even have his own wikipedia page. However the rav he was mavazeh does have his own page the mentions this incedent and zahavi…i edited the israel broadcasting authorities page just a litle bit to include zahahvi….i call him trash

  5. Very misleading headline on the part of YWN.
    Anyone throwing around that horrendous term, is actually diminishing the atrocities they committed. Such a person is aiding holocaust deniers.
    I dont agree with a physical punch, but such people should be jailed for 30 days.

  6. his comments are way beyond civilized discourse and he should be fired.

    That being said, however, the hooligans who started this mess – the Edah ha’Ro’oh led by the pesel Gaa’va, are to blame.

    I would venture to say that Natan Zehavi is not anti-religious at all, he is just fed up with these holier than thou jerks who have no respect for any other jews but themselves; fakert, anyone who does not look punkt like them, talk like them, pick his nose like them etc. is a koifer.

    Mr. Zehavi is just reacting out of provoked anger, being made to feel he is not Jewish by these thugs and while his anger is understandable must be censured; he has gone over the line.

  7. I think we English speakers should ignore all this, I have been living in ERetz Yisrael for 20 yrs and I see that I cannot identify with the Israeli mindset that everyone is out to get you and we must protect ourselves, that includes business deals, knesset laws, and general behavior – notice all the horn blowing. It is not for us, we are not so hotheaded and have other ways of dealing with differences, I would not comment and just ignore it (and don’t let your children go to the protests).

  8. Does someone wanna explain to me what Shabbos is? Because to me that’s like running in geulah on Tuesday screaming, “YOM SHLISHI YOM SHLISHI” Until you have explained like chazal tell us to do the mitzvah of tochacha, there is no reason they should listen.
    (I heard once, based on a possuk in koheles, Al Tochach letz, Pen Yishn’echah, Hoce’ach Lechacham, V’y’ehavecha-literally, don’t rebuke a fool because he will hate you, rebuke a wise man, and he will love you. There is another way to read this possuk. Don’t give tochacha by calling the guy a fool, an idiot, a nobody, because then he will hate you, call him wise, a tzadik, a good person, and he will love you)
    I just heard yesterday, a guy was by the Kosel on Hoshanah Rabah and as he walked away from the Kosel, he thanked the security guards and wished them ‘Chag Samayach’ The 18 year old girl asked him, “Mah Zeh” pointing to his Lulav and Esrog!
    Is that story painfully shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here is an 18 year old Israeli girl, went through an entire education system, is now standing at the Kosel saying “Mah Zeh” at 50,000 Lulavim and Esrogim, having NO IDEA what they are.
    Instead of alienating these people, we have to come close to them and help them, not scream and yell at them, because as sad as this is, they have NO IDEA what Torah and Mitzvos.

  9. This was satire! If you bothered to listen to the audio clip – he even said he didn’t mean to make an actual offer! His point, as crude as it was, was that you should never call Jewish policeman/soldiers Nazis! That is something we should be able to agree on, no?

  10. Well people , I think that if you’ll take a serious look at the complete context of what this one has said , then the headline is quite appropriate . Real inciters are very clever at this sort of thing , and then claiming after their incitement , that they said nothing wrong . They are also very good at using sensational words/expressions to achieve the effect . Put yourself in the place of the average person hearing this , and what would be the impression ? There is a message coming through here loud and clear .

  11. It amazes me that Joseph demands respect for his Rabbanim, such as Rav Weiss–but has no hesitation in referring to other people as gestapo, reichsleiter, and nazi in various forms. Respect (and lack of same) for others runs both ways, but Joseph and others of his ilk have yet to learn that. And he wonders why nonHareidim condemn Hareidim…..

  12. #28 i would say who told me and you would believe it too, but I don’t know if he wants his name on here. Just to go back on the naive thing. Sorry, but I have no idea which generation you live in. Last year a study was done in Israel. 80% of teens have NO IDEA what shema yisrael means. So if you still think that thats not true, then thats your issue but the naivete is on you.

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