MK Schneller Comes Out Against Anti-Expulsion Tee-Shirts


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MK (Kadima) Otniel Schneller came out strongly in response to a Channel 2 News report that some IDF soldiers are wearing anti-expulsion tee-shirts, a move he finds unacceptable in the military.

Schneller, a shomer shabbat Jew and a colonel in the IDF reserves, decried the move, explaining he views this action as a stain to all those who serve in the IDF, which is expected to remain outside the political conflict.  He calls on the IDF to take immediate and appropriate action to bring this to an abrupt end, stating disciplinary action including court-martial should be taken against guilty parties.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Yes, take the IDF out of politics.
    Expulsion IS POLITICS!
    It is against the halacha, and therefore against the LAW! And, therefore their acts are NOT POLITICS!
    For all those brain dead clowns who do not know the difference.