Jerusalem Demonstration Against Construction Freeze


On Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, a major demonstration is scheduled at Jerusalem’s Paris Square, down the street from the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, with organizers hoping to attract over 10,000 participants. Organizers told the media they hope that their voices will be heard, “not only in Jerusalem but in the Oval Office as well”.

Some lawmakers are working to formulate a compensatory package for the couples who will bear the brunt of the decision, compelled to continue paying rent while simultaneously making mortgage payments on apartments that are not being constructed.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “lu ami shomaya li…”
    If only Am Yisrael would wake up, stop bowing to obama, the UN, and the EU (who don’t even recognize or appreciate it), and realize where our yeshua REALLY comes from.
    HaSh-m HU ha Elokim, Ain Ohd Milvado!!!