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High Court Delivers A Blow to Road Safety

443.jpgWhile the High Court of Justice routinely declines to involve itself in IDF decisions when petitioned by right-wingers, most recently regarding the release of terrorists in a prisoner exchange deal, the champions of liberal left-wing justice appear too happy to hand down a ruling towards improving quality of life for residents of PA (Palestinian Authority) areas.

The court has once again overridden an IDF security decision, ordering Highway 443, the Jerusalem-Modi’in Highway opened to PA motorists. The court decision must be implemented within five months, as the court, which recently supported the decision to remove roadblocks throughout Yehuda and Shomron now takes another step towards placing Jewish motorists in danger.

Arab villagers in the area were represented in the High Court against IDF Central Commander Major-General Avi Mizrachi by ACRI (Association for Civil Rights in Israel). Highway 443 has been closed to PA motorists since 2002, a move that is the result of the IDF and intelligence assessments regarding safety concerns on that road.

The court has given the IDF the five-month period to make the necessary security arrangements to protect Israeli motorists on the road prior to opening it to PA motorists.

The court ruled that the senior military commander overstepped the scope of his authority, further stating the decision is contrary to international law.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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