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Rabbis Meet US Ambassador – Call for a Complete Reassessment of US Policy

acr.jpgA delegation of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP) met with U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Mr. James Cunningham, today and called for a reassessment of the entire U.S. policy vis-à-vis the Israelis and Palestinians. “By promoting the establishment of a Palestinian state the U.S. is only shooting itself in the foot,” the rabbis warned.

“The past 17 years have proven without a shadow of a doubt that every square inch ceded by Israel to the Palestinians was transformed into a platform of hatred and terrorism,” Rabbi Avrohom Shmuel Lewin, Director of the RCP told the Ambassador. “In other words, the “land for peace” formula in the Israel-Palestinian context, besides being a formula that goes against the Divine will, is ineffective, obsolete, and an exercise in futility. Most of all it is a dangerous policy that only leads to bloodshed and instability in the region and harms vital American interests in the region as well,” Lewin said.”

He cited the fact that the U.S. has handed over close to $1 billion of American taxpayer monies to the PA in arms, buildings in Gaza, reconstruction efforts, roads etc., and now after Israel evacuated Gaza Hamas took it all over. Even important CIA documents that were in U.S.-PA offices in Gaza have fallen into the hands of Hamas. “Is that what you want to happen in Judea and Samaria too, “Lewin asked.

The delegation was headed by Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky, Chairman of the RCP who is also the Rabbi of Central Tel Aviv where the embassy is located. Rabbi Gerlitzky presented the ambassador with the Halachic ruling signed by over 350 prominent rabbis in Israel that it is forbidden to give up even one inch of territory controlled by Israel today because it will bring to bloodshed and instability in the region.

“In the name of the overwhelming majority of rabbis in Israel, we request of you Mr. Ambassador, to convey our Halachic message to President Barack Obama that it is time for a complete reversal and reassessment of U.S. policy in the Middle East. The ‘land for peace’ policy never worked and harms U.S. interests in the region and the world at large.”

The ambassador was visibly moved by Rabbi Sholom Gold, a leading rabbi in Jerusalem, who described the suffering that the Jewish People have endured ever since the implementation of the Oslo agreement and the agreements that followed. “It’s all a play of words, there is no peace process,” he said. “From the day that we started conceding and withdrawing we did not have one day of rest and peace. Why should our enemies want to make peace with us when they see that with terrorism they get what they want? Even the U.S., Israel’s supposedly best friend, sides with them in demanding a freeze and evacuation of settlements. Is the triumph of Arab terror one of American interests?” Gold asked.

Rabbi Gold said that the Palestinian demands and solutions for peace are totally false. “How can they desire peace if to this very day the children in the kindergartens are nurtured and educated to destroy Israel?

Rabbi Abraham Shreiber, the Rabbi of Kfar Darom which was expelled during the Gush Katif expulsion and relocated in Ashkelon described how when they first came to Kfar Darom the area was desolate but within a short period it flourished and blossomed and became the best agriculture area in the region. Today not only is there no agriculture but it has turned into a terrorist nest and a launching pad against Israel.

Rabbi Shreiber said that one of the children of Rabbi Meir Chai, may G-d Avenge his blood, sons studies in his yeshiva and the Ambassador asked that he convey his condolences to the family.

Rabbi Dov Lior, the Rabbi of Kiryat Arba-Chevron said “We did not settle in Chevron because we had nowhere else to go. Chevron is the city of our forefathers and the core of our nation’s bond with Eretz Israel. “G-d gave the U.S. the power and influence to affect the rest of the world and supporting Israel is the key to America’s success,” Rabbi Lior told the Ambassador.

Rabbi Moshe Havlin, Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Gat explained to the Ambassador Rashi’s commentary why the very first verse in the Bible begins with “In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth,” to let the world know right from the start that if there will come a day when the world will accuse Israel of stealing the land from the Arabs, the Jewish response is “G-d created heaven and earth and does whatever He desires, and His desire was and is that Eretz Israel be given to the Jewish People as an everlasting inheritance.

“It is no coincidence that the words “In G-d we trust,” are engraved on the American currency and adhering to the words of G-d is the only way to attain a true and just peace,” Rabbi Havlin concluded.

Ambassador Cunningham listened attentively and with great interest to the Rabbis’ claims and arguments and thanked them for coming and clarifying the point from Jewish Law. He said “I definitely understand your pain and concern for the Jewish nation in Israel and their security. The U.S. certainly invests and exerts a lot of effort to reach a peace agreement in the region. Unfortunately all of our efforts until now have not succeeded. We will continue to do everything we can to reach a just peace but we don’t know what the outcome of these efforts will be.

“However, I can assure you that whatever President Obama and Secretary Mitchell are doing it is with good intentions for the benefit and good of Israel and the Jewish People. I will convey to Secretary Mitchell your concerns that you raised in this meeting.”

The Ambassador noted that he does not see a solution to the problem without taking into consideration the Palestinians to which Rabbi Gold remarked “ever since we started taking consideration the Palestinians the situation only worsened.”

The Ambassador asked the Rabbis “So what is your solution to the problem?” Rabbi Gerlitzky replied: “you must switch the entire approach to the situation. We all believe in the Holy Bible and up until now we tried every formula except for that which is delineated in the Bible. Let’s try it and who knows, Mr. Ambassador, maybe this is your defining moment that G-d Almighty has placed you in this capacity in order to precipitate a new course which will bring a true peace to the entire region.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. Finally, an organization with a ‘peaceful’ agenda, benefitting KLAL YISROEL. Hello, Charliehll, there is no no no solution, so of course any will sound vague.

  2. “In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth,” to let the world know right from the start that if there will come a day when the world will accuse Israel of stealing the land from the Arabs, the Jewish response is “G-d created heaven and earth and does whatever He desires, and His desire was and is that Eretz Israel be given to the Jewish People as an everlasting inheritance.”


    The problem is that so many Jews in EY are themselves unaware of or deny that reason for living there, so that sadly they are indeed stealing the land by promoting and living darchei tuma there.

    Our claim to that land is cemented by living there according to Torah (as these rabbis and their followers indeed do); sadly the majority does not live that way and the founders of the medine founded it davka as a non Torah polity to supplant Torah chas vesholom and replace it with a new Western style Jewish nationalism that has as much place in EY as a loaf of challah does on a seder plate.

    Until the medine lives according to Torah, which may come only with Moshiach, I do not know if it can validly claim a right to exist on the soil of EY or to invoke Torah as its title deed to the land.

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