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Will Cheirim (Boycott) of Shefa Shuk Return?

ampm.jpgAccording to a report appearing in The Marker, a new branch of AM:PM in Nachlat Binyamin will be operating on shabbos. The AM:PM stores are owned by Dudi Weissman, who also owns Shefa Shuk supermarkets, signaling a possible renewed cheirim of the supermarkets.

The operation of AM:PM stores on shabbos resulted in the Shefa Shuk boycott, which eventually was halted when askanim reached agreement with Weissman to close the AM:PM stores.

Those ‘in the know’ report if the new store does indeed operate on shabbos, the boycott will begin anew.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. #2 – your comment is uncalled for.

    I hope this gets worked out civilized. I’m tired of all the boycotts and hafganot! I wonder why he felt that this store would be considered an exception. 🙁

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