Rabbonim Prohibit Supporting Stores in Gas Station Operating on Shabbos


Local rabbonim in Yerushalayim have prohibited purchasing goods in grocery stores operating in gas stations if those stores remain open on shabbos, the erev shabbos HaMevaser reported.

Rabbi Yosef Rosenfeld, who heads the Vaad L’maan Shabbos, reports he is negotiating with some of the store owners in the hope they will agree to close their doors on shabbos.

According to the rabbonim, ‘Yellow’, ‘Menta’ and ‘So Good’ stores are operating in 7 Paz stations, and they must not be supported the rabbonim explain since doing so only serves to promote chilul shabbos.

Rabbi Rosenfeld is quoted as adding that rabbonim are planning to convene in the coming days to address the alarming problem, the new wave of stores operating on shabbos. They hope to formulate a plan of action. The rabbonim question what happened to the law, pondering why when it comes to shabbos, they opt to turn a blind eye while other laws are enforced.

In a related matter, the weekly protest against chilul shabbos at Jerusalem’s Intel branch took place at 11:30am at the Har Chotzvim High Tech Park. In keeping with the weekly tradition, the afternoon protest against the city’s operation of Karta parking lot was held at 3:15pm, beginning on Meah Shearim Street.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)