Rabbi Yisrael Ariel Shlita: Rabbonim Missed their Cue


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Rabbi Yisrael Ariel Shlita, the head of Machon HaMikdash and Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan spoke with Kol Chai Radio on Thursday afternoon regarding the ongoing situation pertaining to the Har Bracha Hesder Yeshiva and some calls for Rabbi Eliezer Melamed to resign to permit the yeshiva to continue in the hesder framework.

Kol Chai: Do you think Rabbi Eliezer Melamed; the rosh yeshiva in Har Bracha Hesder Yeshiva should step down to permit the yeshiva to continue.

Rabbi Ariel: The rabbonim missed the big picture. This is not a matter of Rabbi Melamed against the system. The chief rabbis, the chareidi political parties, all the roshei yeshiva of hesder, and the chief rabbi of the IDF – they should all have become involved and spoken out.

Barak stated that there is only one commander. He appointed himself the supreme commander. The rabbis have nothing to say according to him. Not just the roshei yeshiva and not even the IDF chief rabbi, who in essence is appointed by Barak.

The burden fell on Rabbi Melamed and now, even the talmidim [who are desperately seeking a new framework].

KC: Should R’ Melamed resign to save the yeshiva?

R’A: The place the chilul Hashem occurred is the place where the tikun must be made. This is the biggest chilul Hashem in the history of the state; the defense minister summoned R’ Melamed to a hearing, instructing him to appear. Perhaps Barak should come to Har Bracha and give a shiur. This chilul Hashem cannot be permitted to continue. We learn in Shulchan Aruch that even a father does not have the right to remove his son from a beis medresh.

KC: What about “do the right thing may be more important than being right?”

RA: This you can say regarding the roadways and driving but regarding Kedoshei Yisrael and Torah, halacha must dictate. I do not plan to dictate to Rav Melamed how to act but here it is a matter of chilul Hashem and kiddush Hashem and we cannot adhere to instructions that negate Torat Yisrael. Talmidim must sit in jail and other is this is what is demanded.

According to statements released on Thursday by Yaakov Weinberger, an official in Har Bracha Hesder Yeshiva, Rabbi Melamed is considering stepping down as rosh yeshiva to permit the yeshiva to remain in the hesder network. In such a case, he would remain on staff and continue giving shiurim.

(YWN Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Could Rabbi Ariel please stop telling other Rabbanim, including the Gedolei HaDor, how to act!

    On another matter, how dare he encourage fellow Jews to visit the Har HaBayis, when the Gedolei Yisrael of this and previous generations have declared it a Safek Issur Kareis (Rachmana Litzlan), because of uncertainty regarding the Makom HaMikdash and that (in the absence of a Parah Adumah) we are Safek Tmei’ei Meis.

  2. Uhh.. HELLO – This article is not about going up to Har HaBayit.
    It IS about having a mushchas like Barak appointing rabbanim and dismissing rabbanim.
    This is an issue that EVERYONE should be able to unite on.
    If a Barak appoints rabbanim, perhaps the Gedolim should appoint the defense minister!

  3. #1 – So let me get this straight. Rabbi Ariel cannot tell other rabbonim what to do, but you, Avraham, have the right to tell Rabbi Ariel what to do. Got it.

    Oh wait…