Germany Calls for Sanctions Against Iran


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German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday issued a call for sanctions against Iran, explaining the move is required to halt that nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Following a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, the chancellor pointed out that all offers placed on the table were rejected by Tehran, and the nuclear enrichment program continues at a brisk pace.

German’s chancellor has proven herself to be a major ally of Israel, releasing statements that attest to her commitment to Israel’s safety and a meaningful relationship between the two countries.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Wow what a turn of events. Germany is currently Israels closest ally and America is doing everything it can to destroy Israel. I’m reeling from what’s going on in the news these last few days.

    It should be noted that sanctions will NEVER happen because Russia and China will NEVER agree. That leaves us with 0 options as America (also knows as MOMMY) forbids Israel to defend itself by preemptively striking Iran.