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PM’s Brother-in-Law: President Obama is an ‘Anti-Semite’

Dr. Chaggai Ben-Artzi, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s brother-in-law is known for his candid statements, not one who hides behind political etiquette. Speaking to the media on Wednesday, in a number of radio interviews, Ben-Artzi labeled US President Barak Obama “an anti-Semite”, of course leading to the prime minister quickly issuing a statement distancing himself from the comment.

In an interview with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio), he labeled the American president as being “anti-Jewish” as well as “anti-Israeli and an anti-Semite”.

Speaking to Arutz-7 Hebrew Radio, he stated that as unpleasant as it may be to hear, the truth must be said. He called Mr. Obama “a president who was educated by anti-Semitic preacher Jeremiah Wright.”

Not accepting the apologetic tone accepted by the political mainstream, he added, “If Mr. Obama wants a crisis over Yerushalayim, then that is exactly what he will get”, calling on the prime minister to continue as all governments since 1967 have, building and expanding the Jewish capital.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I think Bibi’s late heroic brother Yoni z”l, (who was killed in the Entebbe hijacking rescue operation in ’76) would have said the same thing.
    From what I have read of him, he was a “straight-shooter” (in more ways than one) and would not have gone along with Bibi’s wishy-washy, politically correct, Washington-kissing way of doing things.
    I think it would serve Bibi’s (and Israel’s) interests for him to re-read Yoni’s writings.

  2. While I agree that Obama is an anti Semite and Muslim lover, I think this guy needs to keep quiet. He makes the Prime minister look bad. Imagine if Obamas brother in law would publicly shoot off his mouth about Bibi or something like that. Some things are better left unsaid. Its unbelievable how stupid and unsavvy Israel is when it comes to PR. They should learn from the Palestinians how to use the Media to their advantage. These types of public pronouncements are PR suicide. If Bibi had seichel he would go on TV and say that his brother in law is wrong, if he doesn’t, that means he agrees and now the WORLD especially the USA know that the Israeli govt think Obama is an anti Semite. How do you think that will look? Don’t you think that will have consequences? Stop spitting in Americas face for heavens sake!!!! Use some diplomacy!

  3. Obama wasn’t enough of an antisemite to avoid choosing many jewish cabinet members, and staffers. I don’t think he is anti-semitic, he is just very liberal, and that usually means anti Israel. Obama likes like-minded liberal Jews like Saul Olinsky, George Soros, Rahm, Axelrod…etc

  4. Know your enemy.

    It’s good the truth is comming out.

    As long as people could pretend that the antisemites are supposedly “not antisemites”, they can more easily push through their evil agenda and promote it as “reasonable policy” or “hard decisions” whne we all know it’s really
    just a cover up, for hatred of Jews.


  6. wel, pachdyitchokfan,you didn’t learn your pachad yitchkok enough otherwise you’d have more logic in your words. since when does a jewish name (axelrod,soros) or even being jewish (olinsky,rahm) make on less of an antisemite? at the end of it- look at the ACTIONS and look at the WORDS…..all of this is blatantly antisemitic…

  7. BS”D

    Finally some one says the truth. Many of the Americans Jews, thought in their wildest fantasy, that Obama will be good for the Jews, and all his advisers (they are all Jewish etc). But please, face the fact, it is true (TRUE), what Bibi´s Brother in law said. Obama is an anti Semite and Muslim lover. Open your eyes, dont put the trust in Obama, or USA. Put the trust in G-D, the almighty and all wil be fine. But the trust must be 100% bitachon that it will be fine, then (FOR SURE) all will be fine. Sincerely

  8. “Obama wasn’t enough of an antisemite to avoid choosing many jewish cabinet members, and staffers.”–PachadYitzchakFan (no. 5)

    So, I guess, following your logic,Lenin and Stalin were not anti-Semites, since over 1/3 of the Communist Party–its Jewish Section, the “Yevseksia,” were Jews.

    There is such a thing as a self-hating Jew, a turncoat!

  9. Dear Deepthinker

    Stalin didn’t choose Jews as his chief of staff and cabinet. Jews happened to be with the party that he was part of.

    Do you think everyone who opposes Obama is a racist, and is someone who hates blacks? A person can disagree with a policy and not be antisemitic.

    The more we cry antisemitism when its not really true, the more people will close their ears to the cry, and will not be listening when a REAL antisemite opens his mouth.

  10. Dear PachadYitzchakFan (no. 14):

    You seem intelligent, so I just can’t understand why you don’t see the obvious unfairness and evil in Obama’s policy of forbidding to allow Yidden in Jerusalem to move into homes that they contracted for years ago.

    Where are these Yidden supoposed to live, in caves?–Or would Obama prefer that they go live in a crowded Ghetto, the way they lived under the Nazis?

    All this, while Arabs are allowed to go about building everwhere they please in Isreal, legally or illegally.

    C’mon, if it walks like a duck, if it flies like a duck, and if it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!

  11. PachadYitzchakFan; Obama sat for 20 years listening to extreme racist and extreme antisemite Rev Wright.

    Obama said about Wright; “I will not denounce him, he is like an uncle to me”.

    He campaigned without using his middle name and wanted no one talking about it.
    Once elected in the inagguration he insisted on saying he was Barrack HUSSEIN Obama.

    Then he went to the Islamics and apologized for America.

    Then he DEMANDED the so called “Palestiniens” be granted a state and Israel should help in thier own destruction.

    Then he gave Hamas a billion dollars of our “stimulous” money.

    And you want to claim, none of this makes him antisemitic??????

  12. Radical liberalism = antisemitism and besides the other things I pointed out (or rather because of them) Obama is a radical liberal.

  13. pachad—–in your last comments, you have shonw your continuing ignorance of history and logic. do yo uthink-for one moment- that stalin would have tolerated those jews in his party if he didn’t want them/ he still was an antisemite-regaardless of who was in his so called cabinet.

  14. I’m not sure if he is antisemitic, antiwhite or antiamerican. One thing I’m sure of, he’s a lousy
    President. As for global warming and “climate change”, perhaps if Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others stopped talking from both ends…….

  15. Dear Rabbiofberlin

    There is no reason we can’t discuss things using civil tones. We don’t have to call people ignorant if they don’t agree. Ona’as devarim applies to a blog just as it does in person

    All the best

  16. Dear Deepthinker

    I agree that Obama shows greater sympathies with the palestinian cause. You don’t have to convince me of the unfairness of opposeing construction in Yerushalaim.

    Nonetheless, That doesn’t have to make him one who hates Jews.

  17. well, the jewish community of chicago would disagree with most of you

    obama may be wrong about the mideast, but he is not a jew hater

    and stalin purged most of the jews who were in power…

  18. hereorthere

    most of your points are total misstatements of fact

    obama did divorce himself of wright

    he never apologized for america to anyone…please post the statement where he says “i am sorry”

    bush also stated that the palestinians should have their own state…think he hates jews? (never mind, he is a born again christian, of course he does)

    obama never pledged money to hamas, he pledged money to rebuild gaza, but please, post any report as to how much money actually ended up in the aid package…cuz i cant find it

    so he used his full name at the inauguration…so has every other president

    other than his being wrong on what can be done in the mideast, care to give real examples of his so-called jew hate?

    oh, and he is far from being a radical liberal

  19. PachadYitzchakFan – even the most noted anti-Semites have had Jewish friends. David Irving for one who was labeled in a British court as an anti-Semite (among many other things) along with being arrested in other countries for being a Holocaust denier brought as a defense his having Jewish cronies. It only attests to the Jews who keep company with or support Obama what they are really like.

  20. Dear hereorthere

    I don’t agree that liberalism equals antisemitism. A majority of Jews in America are liberal, and they are not antisemites.

  21. to bacci40 and pachadyitchok… you believe, for one moment, that obama would be so stupid and brazen as to declare ” i am an antisemite”? Today -sadly- all antismemites work in secret ways….it doesn’t mean they are not antisemites!

  22. bacci40 You are wrong.
    Obama only acted like he was “divorcing’ himself of Wright after much pressure where it looked like it was starting to hurt his chances of winning the election.

    You cannot show any statement made by Obama where he ever said “Wright is an evil White hating antisemite and I have only contempt for such people” if he sat in his chuirch for 20 years then wanted to convince the American people he was against him he would have had to say so in such strong no uncertain terms and he never did that.

    And other presidents who used their middle names at the innaguration, did not hide form those middle names during the campaign as if they were trying to sneak into office with such names and then thumbing their noses at the people once they got in as if to say “I got in with this name and I fooled you, haha”.

    And I never said he “pledged” money to Hamas I said he GAVE them money.
    Sure he might have hidden behind “rebuilding Gaza” but Hamas got the money.

    And when you go around saying “America was wrong in some things” to an Islamic audience when speaking about American policies in the Middle East you do not have use the exact words “I am sorry” to be apologizing for America.

    And Perhaps Bush is a Jew hater, I never said he wasn’t.

    And if Obama who has destroyed by decree many businesses (such as SUV production) and wants to totally control everyones lives, is not a radical liberal then who is?
    Or are you claiming no such thing exists?

    SO other then being wrong in everything you said about me do you care to give some real examples of my so called “total misstatements of fact”?

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