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Jack Teital’s Wife Turns To The High Court Of Justice Following Weeks On A Hunger Strike

1After he has been hunger-striking for three weeks, the wife of Jack Teital has filed on his behalf with the High Court of Justice. Teital is serving two life sentences for the murders of Arabs. The petition on his behalf was filed on Tuesday, 2 Adar, requesting prison officials permit a private doctor check his condition.

He began the hunger strike after prison officials decided to relocate him to another prison; from Ayalon Prison to Rimonim Prison and this is making family visits significantly more difficult. While in the past the family was permitted to three open one-hour visits monthly, they are now limited to a half hour closed visit, behind glass, a month.

Mrs. Teital explains this is particularly difficult for the children. She adds the change was made “for no apparent reason” and that is why her husband launched the hunger strike.

Honenu, which has filed the petition with the High Court, explains the Israel Prison Authority has increased restrictions on a prisoner for no apparent reason, making family visits significantly more difficult. “For seven years, these visits were well-rounded and formed the single threat in his life” Honenu told the media.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Mr Teitel is being treated like a dog.
    Please restore his rights.By releasing him.
    What was he supposed to do? Wait until the arabs got him first? No, he did fine.

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