Earthquake Felt in Haifa Area on Monday


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On the same day that YWN-Israel reported on the need for earthquake preparedness in Eretz Yisrael, a quake was felt in the Haifa area at about 4:00pm, Monday. Baruch Hashem a light one that did not result in injuries or damage. Officials report the epicenter was in the Kfar Chassidim area.

According to officials in Israel’s Seismological Institute, the quake measured 3 on Richter scale, and it was felt in Haifa and Nesher. This was the second recent quake, with the previous one on March 20th measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale. That one was near Gesher Arik, north of the Kinneret area.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. There have been major earthquakes all over the world. The Chofets Chaim would say that when destructive “natural” events happen, It’s a siman that Hashem is “not happy” with the world and impending doom.

    YRMA”SH ShaYichayenu, vYosheyanu, vYigalenu BB”A.

  2. A “3” on the Richter scale is not newsworthy, either in Israel or New York. It is routine. You need fancy instruments to even notice it.

    Israel is in a situation similar to much of California in that it is in an earthquake prone area and is due for a major quake, but this isn’t one. SO, stop trying to scare people. There is enough scary stuff in Israel without having to invent more.

  3. if scaring us will help us do teshuva, then please scare us more!

    and ‘natural’ was a good point. just b/c israel and california happen to be in the same ‘natural’ situation doesn’t mean there’s no reason for things. everything that happens is from Hashem and directed towards us, so yes, the earthquakes in israel are trying to tell us something, and to a certain extent, so are the ones in california, and the one that caused the tsunami in sri lanka five (!) years ago. all this is according to the rabbanim.