Burning the Flag In Front of Ponavez


4:50PM IL: A violent protest took place earlier in Bnei Brak, in front of Ponavez Yeshiva and the area of Chazon Ish and Yismach Moshe Streets as the nation marks Independence Day. According to reports, most of the participants are not areas residents, but from Yerushalayim.

An Israeli flag was set ablaze in front of police in front of the yeshiva, as a large flag waves on the pole above the yeshiva building as is the custom annually on Independence Day (reported earlier today by YWN Israel). At least one police car was damaged as a result of the protestors throwing rocks. At this time, it appears the main protest has dispersed but there are occasional reports of rock-throwing and minor disturbances.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Oy Vey Oy vey – Such chillul Ha-Shem…all in the name of Ha-Shem -navel birshus hatotrah!. Do the gedolim make it clear that this behavior is unacceptable and damaging? They should be davening and learning torah .

  2. what a kiddush shem shomayim
    what is better than sitting and learning, then going to BB to demonstrate.
    Are they proud enough to give us their names, so we know whose umnis is hashchseh, whose goal is to be mekayim vuhavta lrayach kamoch which we were taught by R’Akiva what sinah leads to.

    They, their parents, their rebbes, their children should be ashamed of them, they are not bnai pinchas, yhey are korach.

  3. Wow. What a shame. You don’t have to agree with the State of Israel, but the chillul Hashem these ppl make is enourmous. Since one can’t attone for making a chillul Hashem I suspect these ppl are anything, but “Chareidim” (those who fear) I’m a pretty “frum” guy myself, but this is just beyond the pale. If a person is a GD fearing Jew than you don’t behave in such a pathetic manner.

  4. Israel, perhaps not perfect in its current “state” is a huge gift from Hashem. I only hope that one day while learning in the yeshiva this will be revealed to them and they will fly the flag proudly.

  5. Whatever the hashkafa, think of the impact on the parents and families of the more than 22,000 IDF korbonos and how they will view frum people whom they identify with such acts.

  6. It is a disgrace that we have such mindless, uneducated,hateful Yidden among us.Isn’t enough that the Goyim hate us? Do we have to show them that we agree with them?

  7. This looks like the work of the “Notorious Kartas”! What else are they going to do on a vacation day (assuming they have jobs)?!

    What’s funny (in a sad way) is that they are now going after the frum!

  8. who were these bums. They were not yeshiva bochurim or kollel men from bnei brak but from yerusalem and who is to say this was not done just as a provocation between the secular and charedi

  9. I weep for the continual chillul H’ certain segments of “frum” society are making here in EY.

    Each and every one of us should be showing a certain amount of hakaras hatov to the medina, even if we don’t agree with the way the govt does things – but then neither do most of the secular majority.

  10. #1 “the Flag is only a Rag”

    that’s what the Nazis and anti-Semites said for generations about our Taleisim and Sifrei Torah. If a person does not know how to respect what is important to others, no one will ever respect what is important to you!!!!!
    Through these stupid actions by a very few, they are turning off Torah Judaism to so many.

  11. If we knew Tanach well and the Rambam we would know there were kings and people of Israel who violated even the Big 3 AND THEY WERE STILL CONSIDERED A KINGDOM.TODAY THEY CALL THEM COUNTRIES.