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Radio Host: Chareidim are ‘Leeches and Worms’

In morning program on “Nonstop Radio” (Radio L’Lo Hafsaka) host Gabi Gazit referred to chareidim as “leeches and worms”, perhaps the more forgiving portion of his scathing remarks against an entire community.

He began his program with an assault against settlers for the attack on Tuesday night against IDF soldiers in Shomron, near Yitzhar. He then proceeded with his defamatory statements against the “leeches and worms who do not serve in the army but their very existence in the beis medrash, yeshivas and kollels is based on the IDF protecting the nation. The chareidim hate the state. They have Heavenly fear for their Creator, and they haven’t a clue regarding His position vis-à-vis the State of Israel, for He ceased speaking with them some time ago. In the name of their primitive darkness-entrenched faith, they belittle the state at every given opportunity.

“These chareidim however benefit from the advancements resulting from the state, the roads that were built, electricity, water, sewage and sanitation services. Their dark primitive education is financed by the state. They are represented in Knesset by their partners. They sanctify bones and nonsense. They use our airports on their way to spread their hate for our country around the world. Their very essence and existence is due to the state and its nonsensical open-mindedness and tolerance, which keeps them alive.

“In return, they do not stand at attention on Memorial Day because ‘that is a goyish custom’ they say. They do not respect the fallen ‘because that is a goyish custom’ they say and in their brainwashed heads, they sizzle up the hate against everything that is Israeli and this hate is exhibited by burning the flag on Independence Day.

“We sit by, contemplating and remaining silent. We say it is their belief. That is their thing.

“How long will we continue with our open-mindedness and tolerance towards them? How long will we permit them to insult our Israeli values, the values we all share? When will we understand that we must segregate them in their communities, to cut them from the oxygen line of progress and to leave them to wallow in their wretchedness and hate. Stop cleaning their streets and cut their electricity and water. Eliminate their taxes, which by the way they generally do not pay anyway.

“They have no purpose. They do not contribute to society. They are the worst type of parasite. If it were up to me, I would pack them all up and ship them to their families in dark Brooklyn. There they can continue living in their medieval ways there, locked away from the State of Israel”.

Gazit went on to later thank the Kikar Shabbat website to thank editors for posting the unedited text of his comments, as can be heard saying “I stand behind every word I said and I am not concerned about incitement. He called on any chareidim who did not hear his broadcast to visit the Hebrew website and read his comments.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

16 Responses

  1. I don’t know if I should wish that all his descendants should be shomer torah umitzvos or they should all marry shiksas and no longer be amongst the yiddin.

    Poor lost soul.

  2. Gazit is a hate monger. All the “leeches and worm”
    brings in billions and billions of dollars to the Israeli economy. The money the American parents send and buy housing in eretz Yisrael, along with England, Brasil, Argentina, etc. This has cause a great economy where the NIS is stable and out doing other currency. Eretz Yisrael has not been so badly hit by the down turn; maybe just maybe it is from all the CHAREDI LIVING in Eretz Yisrael and learning torah. What about the Yeshiva bochurim and seminaries that is pouring money into the economy along with, restuarants, transporation, tourism [by parents],rentals, etc etc. An empty can with a loose marble inside makes a lot of noise. I am sick of the 10% who hate the charedi and make big noise. The average Israel does not buy into his big garbage

  3. I wonder if he also talks about arabs with such love. Not only do they do all of the above, they also kill. Yet, not a word of complaint is mentioned by this menuval.

  4. Mark-

    You don’t hold by – Tshuva, Kiruv r’chokim, Ahavas Yisroel, oy vey, you to need to be brought closer, mark come stay by me for Shabbos.

  5. #1:


    Im hu chata, mai banav chat’u?

    The former wish would be more effective. It has happened many times in the past to resha’im much more wicked than this person.

  6. I would ask everyone here to put themselves in the shoes of a secular Israeli and let me know how, in light of actions by both the minority and majority of Chareidim in Israel, they appear to the secular community. The secular are working taxpayers who see thousands of people who make a choice not to work and not to go to the army and then are basically supported by the secular who pay very high taxes on what they earn.

    Read the articles about how Israel is losing its technological edge because many of their best and brightest are leaving the country because of the fact that there is this feeling that they are paying for everyone to sit and learn and that chareidim cannot enter into jobs because of their lack of education. The outside economic benefits of rich parents buying apartments for people learning in the Mir and Brisk are a drop in the bucket in the Israeli economy.

    I am moving to Israel from the US and plan on working there and contributing to the economy and paying the high taxes in Israel. I am a supporter of Torah, don’t get me wrong, but being a future taxpayer there I have some sympathy for this person (who is clearly expressing pent up anger felt by many Israelis). Therefore don’t blame him so much and call him a rasha – he is a tinok shenishba who doesn’t know any better and it’s not anyone’s fault that he is secular.

    Bottom line is that the future of the country depends on this. We need to appreciate the bracha that we received to be able to learn Toras Eretz Yisrael only because we have Tzahal and because there is an economic system supported by the vast majority who have full time jobs in Israel and are “forced” to support Torah. If there is any hope of being mekarev these people or at least give them an appreciation for Torah and mitzvos (which should be a goal), we need to at least think about what he is saying beyond the tone of his words.

  7. To some degree, Gabi Gazit is right. There’s no point in just brushing his words aside. Yes, he’s blatantly exaggerating with some of his point, but a lot of what he said is true and can be used as a generalisation with regards to Charedim.

  8. 4&5 as well as others whose posts haven’t cleared yet,

    You are correct. I was speaking out of sheer frustration with this rosha m’roosha. I know even Haman HaRasha had descendants on the Sanhedrin. I believe some of our biggest sonim in the K’nesset have Shomer Torah U’mitzvos kids & grandkids.
    The truth is I hope his descendants become leetchs & worms as well.

  9. I have seen the same and worse voiced on this site in posts. Everyone has the right to their opinion even if they are obviously wrong.

  10. #1 you dont have to wish , usually it happens that way, those who besmirtch with such hate ehrliche yidden ther decsndants dissappear by assimilation. they dont have the zechus of being beklall amhanivchar

  11. Don’t tell me that all secular Israelis work so they can pay taxes. They work so they can afford to buy the most luxurious items their wages can bring them.

    They don’t like paying taxes because NOBODY likes paying taxes. The whole western world pays taxes and resents their governments giving hand-outs to the slackers who claim unemployment benefits. But here its different, here these people sit and learn, and are not unemployed. Is that a reason to hate them more?

  12. Mark, #1, the most painful blessing for these liberal self-hating Jews and the most proper thing for you to wish them is that their descendants be chareidim.

  13. “They have no purpose. They do not contribute to society. They are the worst type of parasite. If it were up to me, I would…”

    i bet he would like to take them to the gas chambers.

  14. the shiliach wont let me go to israel because im chareidi. they want secular jews and prevent me because i have nobody. he prevented me from having a family 5 years ago when he didnt receive me appropriately and allow me to go to israel where i would have had a family.

  15. The very fact that major Rabbanim are reacting to this dirtbag by calling on the Knesset (when it serves their interest to “value” its existance)to censure him, is proof enough that his statements- however vile and disgusting- unfortunately is loaded with truth. Without question, this coward- hiding behind a mike- goes way overboard and insidiously blabbers his hatred for Torah and its true followers. That said, sadly, much of his bantering are facts on the ground. I hate to say this and invite backlash against myself, but if one lives in E”Y today and blatantly refuses to recognize the viability- (secular as it may be) of the state, then get out and go live in Chutz La’Aretz. I feel the exact same way regarding anyone living in this glorious country-USA. I’m not saying to give up Torah chas v’shalom, or even that every person must contribute in some way- business, army, etc. However, as a simple basic behavior, if you refuse to show respect to the state and to accept the dictum of “Dina D’Malchusa Dina”, find somewhere else to live,

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