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IDF: Settlers Assaulted Troops in Yitzhar

Once again the Shomron community of Yitzhar is in the media, albeit not in a positive light. At least one soldier was injured, Baruch Hashem only lightly, and an IDF vehicle was damaged in the Tuesday evening incident.

The incident surrounds an IDF ‘closed military zone’ order to prevent residents of Yitzhar from entering the nearby Arab village of Madma. During the heated argument, the event became physical, leading to a brawl between Jews and soldiers, resulting in one injury and the tires of a military vehicle being slashed and other damage was reported as well. Police report that one youth seen slashing tires of a military vehicle was taken into custody.

One soldier told reporters that the troublemakers do not represent the community but the yeshiva, which is the source of the problems in the area, the students.

In an official statement released by the Office of the IDF Spokesman, the violence against soldiers was labeled “intolerable”, citing that on Independence Day, the incident is viewed in an even more damaging light.

From the Yitzhar point of view, the soldiers are acting unreasonably and with too much aggression, stating that one soldier even fired a warning shot in the air, which led to the rocks being thrown at the force.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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