Weiner: Schumer Is Right, White House Is Wrong On Israel


Washington, DC – Today, after White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs stated “I don’t think it is a stretch to say we don’t agree with what Senator Schumer said,” which came in response to the senator’s criticism of the Administration’s position on Israel, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Queens and Brooklyn) released the following statement to YWN:

“Israel is our closest ally in the region, yet they continue to receive more criticism than deserved and less support than is required.”

“Instead of continuing to lash out publicly at our closest ally, the Obama Administration should be listening to what Senator Schumer says. Schumer is right, and the White House is wrong on Israel.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Yay more worthless talk. First Schumer comes a few weeks too late and only talks on Nachum Segal delivering a lukewarm statement as opposed to going on national TV and letting everyone hear how he feels.
    Schumer is a fake and so is Weiner. Schumer is very happy with his standing in the Democratic party and wouldn’t dare jeopardize that by speaking out harshly against “the annointed one.”
    This is all bluff and we are suckers for buying it hook line and sinker. Guys use your seichel the Democrats are not our friends.

  2. It his heartening that our elected officials are stepping up and pointing out the errors in the stance taken by the administration. Although the Administration is friendly to Israel, it should take into consideration the views of the people most affected by the events and who have seen the results of previous actions. I hope that the Administration will consult with the people of Israel whose existence is as stake by the actions taken and words spoken by by various members of the administration

  3. #1 – Why do you call the Obama administration a “Dictatorship”? He was democratically elected about a year and half ago, remember?

  4. We should take these moments, where it is painfully clear the dangerous path President Obama is taking everyone, especially the state of Israel. And commit ourselves to use our right to vote, to protect out freedom as well and the freedom (lives) of those in Israel! You don’t have to be a conservative to agree.

  5. Mw13
    Correct. He was elected democratically and it ended there. If you know anything about how the health care bill was passed you’d understand how there is nothing democratic about the process. He’s a bully plain and simple. A Chicago thug who excells at Chicago bully tactics.

  6. 5, So what would YOU call someone who rules against the wishes of the people, i.e., oso ha’ish?

    Granted he was elected and its all Yad HaShem but derech ha’teva is was on the wrong premise.

    There is no doubt Congressman Kishmo Kayn Hu is correct but I am afraid he is pandering as he does so well.

  7. #2,
    Use YOUR seichel and just say thank you.
    Then vote (and campaign? )for who you feel.
    Dont kick someone in the mouth after he finished sticking up for you.

  8. re “Although the Administration is friendly to Israel,”

    Please don’t drink before you post such nonsense.

    re “Why do you call the Obama administration a “Dictatorship”? He was democratically elected about a year and half ago, remember?”

    Would he have been elected if the American people knew he was a “wholly owned subsidiary of the islam-marxists”?

    We know more about Tiger Woods women than we will ever know about where Øbowmao was born, what passport Øbowmao used and who paid for Øbowmao’s ticket to Pakistan when he was in his 20’s, who paid for Øbowmao’s college education, (so far, only TWO people on the entire planet even remember taking classes with him), or his grades.

    Granted so many “jews” are stupid, but if Schumer and Weiner et al had spoken up during the campaign about how many pro-“palestinian” people were on Øbowmao’s staff and would be his appointees, perhaps we could have had McCain, or at worst, Clinton, that shill for the Saudis…

    So he may have been elected, but it was a fraud.

  9. First of all, I think may not know what a “dictator” is. From dictionary.com:
    a person exercising absolute power, esp. a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.

    #7 – The healthcare bill passed through back-room political deals, the same way every bill passed through Congress since this country was founded. Pushing congressmen to support your bill does not make Obama a dictator – actually, the mere fact that there are congressmen passing the bill proves that Obama does not have “absolute, unrestricted control” and is therefore not a dictator.

    #8 – If doing something that the majority of the country doesn’t like makes you a dictator, what does that make a president with an approval ratings of 22? Or are you calling President Bush a dictator?

  10. MW 13….

    You are right are one account…. Obama is not a Dictator accordign to the dictionary and we will G-d willing take him out of office in 2012….

    He is a ‘dictator’ in the sense that he feels that he knows better then the people on how to run their day to day lives… passing healthcare bills telling people they HAVE TO buy something…. wanting the goverment to take over every aspect from Wall Street to Main Street… the American people have spoken (during elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusettes) although Obama heavily campaigned in all three places and the people continue to speak at Tea Party rallies that have gathered thousands of people in just about every state.