Gush Etzion Arabs and Jews Opposed to Partition Wall


It takes a partition barrier and ecological concerns to do it, but in a very unique occurrence, Jews, Arabs and Christians of all ages were on hand to protest the extension of the Gush Etzion area partition barrier wall in the Wallaje area, compelling additional devastation to the landscape. The protestors last week explained that over recent years, the area has been relatively quiet and the situation today does not justify the irreparable damage to the area.

Protestors pointed out that on the one hand, the wall will destroy farmers’ fields, but even worse, cause destruction to the natural landscape, and the presence of the large cement wall will just result in future disputes that may conceivably reach national proportion with part of Wallaje being in Yehuda and a portion in Yerushalayim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)