Neria Offen Distanced from N. Yerushalayim


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Yitzhar resident Neria Offen, 38, was served with an administrative order prohibiting him from entering the northern Jerusalem neighborhoods of N’vei Yaakov and Pisgat Ze’ev under the guise of “incitement against Arabs”.

Offen realizes that currently, there are some 1,000 Arab families in the combined neighborhoods, and he has undertaken a campaign to persuade Jews not to sell Jerusalem homes to Arabs, compelling police and the courts to act against him. Offen warns that this presents a serious threat to the future of those communities, not to mention the fact that the Arab residents enjoy visitors, family and friends, and their presence is indeed a threat to the Jewish children. He laments the fact that already he is aware of tens of cases in which Jewish women are living with Arab men R”L, but the state views his actions as unacceptable, distancing him from the neighborhoods for three months.

Responding to the administrative order, Offen called it a “disgrace”, adding that in the recent Gaza flotilla escapade, nothing is done against Sheikh Rayed Salach while he is prevented from distributing posters and flyers seeking to encourage area residents to distance themselves from Arabs.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)