MK Danon: Turkey Must Make a Decision


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MK (Likud) Danny Danon told Kol Chai Radio that Israel is being too kind-hearted vis-à-vis Turkey, and Jerusalem must work towards compelling Turkey to announce its true intentions.

Danon explained that on the one hand, it is abundantly clear that Turkey is seeking inclusion in the European community, seeking the prestige and benefits that accompany such a move, but on the other hand, the leaders are pulling the country closer to Iran, Islamic fundamentalism, and the Axis of Evil.

Danon referred to the Mavi Marama flotilla, pointing out this was not a case of behind the scenes Turkish support for terrorists, but “in broad daylight”, permitting the terrorists and munitions to board the ship, assisting logistically and with funding.

Turkey must make a decision Danon states, either to declare itself a Muslim terror state of a legitimate state as it was in the past.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)