Noar K’halacha Seeks Delay in Court-Imposed Jail Term


The Noar K’halacha organization of Yoav Lalum has turned to the High Court of Justice seeking to delay the court’s demand that Emanuel parents begin their two-week prison term at 12:00pm today, Thursday.

The organization explained to the court that it would like to be permitted to delay the sentence until Sunday to permit negotiations towards an agreement between the parties involved.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Too little too late! You shouldn’t forget Mr Lalum that there is a judge up there. You will be paid back for every bit of pain you caused all those involved a thousand fold. May all rishuim be wiped out speedly in our days! Amen!

  2. #1 & #2:
    You seem to forget that Yoav Lalum had the go ahead from his rabbis to take action, instead of judging others review your own actions.