Eretz Yisroel has a shortage of medical doctors


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shaarei tzedek medical center cover.jpgArutz 7 reported this morning that as strange as it may sound Israel ha s a new crisis to deal with. What is it? A shortage of medical doctors! Their information is according to a committee headed by Shaarei Tzedek Hospital Director Yonatan Halevi. Their solution? Open a fifth medical school in Israel. Their recommendation must now be debated in the Higher Education Council, which will decide if and where to open a new school.


  1. torahis1:

    try running that through R’ Elyashiv and R’ C Kanyevski! and see how far you’ll get.

    and as a rebutal try the argument of ‘heichan yerek zeh chai’

    and than report back what happened!

  2. One factor that has discouraged my wife from practicing in EY is the bureaucratic morass and additional education she would need to overcome in order to practice her specialty.

  3. Great idea, Torah1, and do not assume that the gedolim will not back the idea. Can be problematic for kohanim, but others, let’s go for more Rambams.

  4. The reason for any dearth of doctors in the US (if there is one) is because of the high cost of malpractice insurance in a litigous society (I am not a lawyer, nor a doctor).