Hundreds Stage Hafganah in Netanya Against The Sale of Pork


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arafat pig cover.jpgAn approximate 500 Chareidim held a Hafganah in Netanya outside the Ma’adanei Aviv store in in protest of the sale of pork. The police have informed Ynet, that the Hafganah was held peacefully. Last week, (as was reported HERE on YW,) the Netanya City Council approved a bylaw prohibiting the sale of pork in the city.

The bylaw was passed despite the legal council’s opinion that it would not be approved by the Interior Ministry or the High Court of Justice due to the fact that before such a decision is reached a poll must be taken among the population in areas where non-kosher meat vendors may choose to set up shop.

Netanya’s Chareidi public, however, did not wait for the implementation of the bylaw and has already launched protest activists. Hundreds of demonstrators arrived at the city’s Zion Square, where they prayed and held signs reading ‘Help – pork on the loose’, ‘Stop corruption’ and ‘pork contaminates Israel’s soul’.

(Source: YN)


  1. Anyone who sells or eats pork in Eretz Yisroyel is similar to arafat hachazir,as your picture depicts! Now let’s protest open restaurants on tisha b’Av and Shabbos,too. What about non-kosher in general? The Torah will prevail,and Moshiach will come;next 9th of AV should be a Yom Tov.

  2. Anti-religious bias of Ynet is evident here. It describes the protesters as hareidim in order to incite the anti-religious, but a look at the pictures and a close read of the article shows that the protesters should have been decribed as a mix of traditional and dati.
    The term “Hareidi” is used to refer to the “black hat”, payis, beard and black coat crowd.

  3. Those who participated will tell you that the protestors were religious and charedei jews, together, united for the same benefit. The city of Netanya is unique for the relationship between all frum torah jews, the Laniado Hospital open for all, and a respectful and harmonious rabbinate.

  4. But what was the point? Why protest now, and just stir up antagonism? Would protesting garner more support for them? Is that how it works?

  5. If a store is open on shabbos, is there is difference what kind of non-kosher it sells? What is it?
    To what extent do we/should we force frumkiet on the non-frum?
    (Please respond to the point and w/o hysterics.)

  6. I think you can add another pig in the picture for achmadinijjjadd.For it to look like him-you won’t even have to modify the picture much..

  7. Sammygol,
    Why address chazir/dovorachar altogether?
    Are we trying to stop non-jews slavs? I think not. As for it being a starting point, open shabbaton’s, public free shiurim with positive messages would go much further. “Ko somar l’vies yakov” Rashi; “B’loshon Rakeh” or “chanoch l’naar al pee darkoi, gam ki yazkin etc…” and these are tinuk shnishba.
    KAJ; A symbol is what you make of it.
    YW editor; It’s a sad commentary on today’s society regarding the inane “political correctness” of protesting against seeing the picture of a pig. You had no choice, but the immaturity and misguided priority’s of it!

  8. I remember that the gemarah has some choice words for those who raise pigs in Eretz Yisroel, but I forget what exactly they said. Anyone who can help with the ma’amar chazal?