Russia Emerges as New Center for Newly Certified Kosher Products


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There was a time that Stolichnaya was Russia’s best known kosher certified product, but Russia is rapidly emerging as a new center of kosher certified products. Partially as a result of the growing trade between Russia and Israel, but also because of an interest in the lucrative kosher market in the US. Many of the products are certified by Kosher Russia (KR), under Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar.

But like Stolichnaya many of the products are certified by US certifiers, including the Orthodox Union (OU), a clear signal that a company has broader designs for its products than just the Russian kosher market. Several months ago, “Ozersky Souvenir” Confectionary Factory, one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in Russia, received OU certification.

The “Factory” manufactures more than 100 confectionary products and candies. But sources say that many other companies in Russia are now actively applying for kosher certifications, hoping to benefit from the burgeoning worldwide kosher market.