Kashrus Alert Regarding Vacation Disclaimer in Newspapers


kosherChareidi and other Orthodox newspapers and publications are already bursting with advertisements for summer vacation options. This includes hotels, resorts, and bein hazmanim options of one kind or another, in Israel and around the world.

Unfortunately, many readers do not see the disclaimers, which are often small and unremarkable in appearance. Truth be said, many readers are naïve and are unaware that an ad appearing in a certain publication does not translate to that publication endorsing said advertiser.

One should realize that the rule is a publication assumes no responsibility for the kashrus standards of resorts and hotels appearing in the publication. This pertains to the kashrus of the food, modesty standards and adherence to Shabbos. The latter is far more problematic than some realize due to the use of electronic door locks, infrared scanners, shabbos elevators and much more.

One should also realize that the smaller the print, which is generally accompanied by key buzz words such as “mehadrin”, “shlita”, “glatt” and so forth are in no way an indication as to the level and/or legitimacy of the kashrus supervision of the establishment being advertised.

Vacationers who are stringent in the adherence to kashrus are well advised to check with a frum rov who is in the kashrus loop prior to making any reservations.

(Jerusalem Kosher News for YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Something seems. “Chareidi and other Orthodox newspapers and publications” are “protecting” me by making sure I don’t see the faces of any females in their publications. Yet when it comes to kashrus, they assume no responsiblities. Am I missing something?