MAILBAG: Posting Pictures Of Swastikas Exacerbates The Situation


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Spray-painted Swastikas and vulgar phrases threatening to destroy the Jews define the sad reality we live in. Open any news outlet and you will find an article showcasing the latest in anti-Semitic hate acts performed across America.

Every sane person will acknowledge that anti-Semitism is undoubtedly evil. The Supreme Court itself, under the clause of speech that triggers crime, forbids these actions, as they are classified as hate acts and provoke violence. Nevertheless, news sites should abruptly stop sharing this form of news.

In recent times, people have stumbled upon the realization that any press, even bad press, is ultimately good press. Donald Trump largely won the 2016 presidential election based on the ample, negative news coverage he received from the major media companies. Similarly, showcasing Swastikas provides free exposure to these evil people, turning them into instant, infamous celebrities. Although the villain’s face and name are generally not included in the coverage, just posting these pictures provides some element of recognition.

Following the rise in gun violence, some news companies, such as The Daily Wire, have realized that displaying the face and revealing the name of the shooter directly accomplishes the murderer’s goal. The murderer is a psycho and wants fame. Therefore, certain media companies have stopped pleasing them. An interesting study could determine if gun violence decreases in the future due to a lack of publicity for the shooter.

In the same vein, news sites should stop publishing articles and pictures of evil anti- Semitic acts. Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly condemn these actions. But posting pictures and Tweets of these spray-painted slogans only exacerbates the situation.

Anti-Semitism as an ideology is illogical. An honest person knows that Jews are not evil people. The majority of America is honest and truthful, so I wonder if the spray- painters are actually deep-seeded anti-Semites or merely attention seekers. Regardless of the motive, the actions should be punished, but in private.

The problem can be solved, but only with certain realizations. The media must understand that any publicity is better than no publicity, and the desire for fame often causes one to act immorally. Therefore, please stop sharing these anti-Semitic posts.

Noam Gershov

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. And if you don’t publicize it and show pictures it might even go away.
    The less we talk about it, the better.
    It’s just a few noise makers anyway.
    You’ll see, it’s just a passing thing. A new government with different leaders is just around the corner.
    We Yidden have always been loyal to our country and even served in the army.
    Jews have been living in this country for centuries, it’s always been good.
    We even have Jews sitting in high offices in government.
    Our future is here in Germany. I mean the US.