We Can’t Imagine A Better Way To Honor Baby Ephraim’s Life


By: L. Halevi

On Sunday, August 6th, 2017, a day that began as a beautiful, sunny day, tragedy struck a Monsey family, that turned their world upside down and dulled the sunshine.

Little Ephraim Shimon, an angelic 16-month-old boy, was playing outside his home when a taxi, driven by an unlicensed driver, fatally hit him and sent his pure Neshama back to the Kisei Hakavod.

Ephraim Shimon was an only child to wonderful, loving parents, who are upstanding Bnei Torah. His passing left a huge void in their lives and their pain has reverberated throughout the community.

Friends of the family have joined together to create the Zichron Ephraim Shimon Fund to take one child’s suffering and transform it into a legacy. This fund will make a real difference in the lives of 75 families by giving them access to basic baby necessities.

Zichron Ephraim Shimon Fund will provide baby items, such as furniture, food, clothing, and bottles for families who are struggling to provide for their children. This fund ensures that new parents can celebrate the simcha of the birth of their child without financial stress.

The initial goal is to raise $50,000. As the organization grows, the hope is to provide more items to more families in need.

Zichron Ephraim Shimon Fund has partnered with Rabbi Chaim Schabes, Rov of Kneses Yisrael, who will oversee the collection and distribution of the funds and the items, to ensure careful and proper appropriation.

Please donate generously at charidy.com/zes