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What’s Maran Reb Chaim Kanivesky Birth Date? When Did He Marry The Rebitzihn?

Authentic documents from the early years of the great Tzaddik Rav Chaim Kanievsky have been recently discovered by the Genazym auction house.

The original marriage certificate substantiates the marriage of Reb Chaim to his wife Rebbetzin Bas Sheva, daughter of Rabbi Elayashiv zt”l. The document was authorized by the Rabbinate of Petah Tikva, the town in which they got married. The dates of the certificate show that Reb Chaim was born 1928 – four years earlier than the kallah, Rebbetzin Bas Sheva, who was born 1932.

The certificate bears the signature of Rabbi Reuven Katz, the Rabbi of Petach Tikvah, who also was the Mesader Kidushin.

Another exciting document displayed in Genazym Auction house is the original invitation to Reb Chaim and R’ Bas Sheva’s wedding’ which took place in Petah Tikva 1951. The invitation was sent from Reb Chaim’s side by his Father the famous Gaon and Tzaddik known as the Stiepler Zt”l .The invitation also bears the name of Reb Yosef Shalom Elayashiv, the father of the kallah Rebbetzin Bat Sheva.

These documents give us a glimpse into the lives of the greatest people of our generation. Its attracting remarkable interest by Reb Chaims admirers and followers – Specifically Judaica collectors who will go to stretch to own these historical and unique articles.

Another item up for sale in the Genazym Auction house is the personal copy of Reb Chaim Kanievsky’s Sefer (מסכת כותים), in which the author Reb Chaim added in his own handwriting lots of glosses and corrections.

There are many more Historical and important items in the upcoming sale such as: letters from, the Or Shameyach , Reb Elchanan Wasserman, The Brisker Rov , The Chasam Soffer and many more.

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