Jerusalem Estates Developers In “Simultaneous Not Sequential Construction”


Yerushalayim…The construction of Jerusalem Estates, the luxurious residential development in the Schneller Compound is breaking all recordsfor construction projects. As the first phase of the large development is being built, the frantic pace of construction is clearly in evidence with the rapidly rising stories. To assure that the completion will meet or even exceed the deadline presented to new owners of the apartments, the developers are breaking with tradition at other construction projects by simultaneously addressing many aspects of the construction.

A good example of the extraordinary planning is the simultaneous construction of the exterior (i.e. cement covered with stone) and the finishing of the interior (sheet prock, paint, electric, plumbing etc.). This combination yielded a very high quality construction effort as part of the development’s lofty standards, substantially accelerating the timetable of when the residents will occupy the apartments.

This phase of the development is also an ideal time to reflect on the central message and many extraordinary promises that were made about this elite project. It began with the meticulous planning, including the quality construction, the unusual precise detail of the apartments and pubic space. Indeed, it is now possible to appreciate the reality, albeit that we are only in the first phase. But one can clearly see the remarkable attention to detail of the developers as well as their total dedication to quality in the completed underground parking areas. The focus on excellence, spaciousness and hundreds of details were incorporated into the successful completion of the parking lot without any details being relegated to the blueprints of the planners. Every detail was used for the quality and precise execution of the construction. To emphasize the high level of construction, the construction manager notes: “We dealt with the parking lot with the same precision as the apartment parlors.”

Indeed, a visit to the construction site reveals the scope of the high-end construction. Three illuminated tall cranes, bearing the Jerusalem Estates logo, tower over the construction site as the first floors near completion. The unusualstationing of as many as three cranes in an area of this size is only part of the extraordinary efforts and investment of the developers in their effort to meet all milestones while maintaining the quality and timetable that were set at the outset.

The marketing and sales of the apartments continues on a parallel track. More than 70% ($90 million worth) of the first phase of construction has already been sold. Buyers appreciate the fact that the developers are investing an enormous amount of effort to meet all the lofty objectives they set out for this project. They understand that this determination requires creative methods that has led to the extraordinary success of the project. For more information about Jerusalem Estates, please contact : Sales Office, 16 King David St. Jerusalem 94101, Tel. 972-2-502-5502 | USA 718-564-6656 . Fax. 972-2-532-3532

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