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Three Year Old Girl Fights For Life


My name is P. Roth the father of five beautiful children k”h. A year and a half ago our Surie was diagnosed with cancer r”l. She was only 14 months but she was so sick and fragile and we feared her body wouldn’t be able to overcome this battle.

We did all we can and traveled to the United States so she can receive the best treatment possible. Baruch Hashem Surie has made great progress for which we are thankful for.

Until now we have been focusing only on Surie’s survival. We spent all our resources and even borrow thousands of dollars to pay for the treatments. This has put us into great debt. Now that Surie is doing much better BH we can work on putting our life back together.


Please help us repay our debt so that we can give Surie and our four other children the love and care they deserve. In this merit may you and your family stay happy and healthy.

Thank You,

P. Roth



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