One-Of-A-Kind Healing Amulet Up For Auction


Who can claim that he doesn’t need any healing or salvation at all?

A ceramic saucer inscribed with Divine Names and Kabbalistic tables and diagrams by the greatest kabbalist of the past generation, Rabbi Yitzchak Kadouri, was always on his desk. He would use it to administer oaths, heal, and work salvations: “By these Names, may there be healing for all who drink from my waters [to be saved from] all illness and disease, fear and anxiety, damagers and ill winds in the world, and aches of the head, the heart, the belly and the legs, and diseases of the nerves, weakness and shortness of breath, diabetes and all illnesses in the world, and asthma and insomnia, amen, may it be His will.”

This amulet is rare, unique; it stood on his desk for dozens of years and was used for the healing and salvation of the many thousands who came to his home.

Rabbi Kadouri is considered the highest authority on amulets in recent generations, and his amulets were known for their effectiveness. He authored the comprehensive book Pitchei Olam – a five-volume work on amulets, segulahs, and prayers.
This item is up for auction at “Winner’s Auctions” international auction house in Jerusalem on Tuesday, December 17 at 6:00 PM Israel Time.

Another item of interest is the Ribnitzer Rebbe’s “Tallit Katan.” The Admo”r of Ribnitz was a tzaddik and a salvation-worker who was famous primarily for his activities as a mohel in Communist Russia, where he circumcised many Jewish children, at enormous risk. He passed away at close to 100 years old and was buried in Monsey. Over recent years, his grave has become a pilgrimage site, and thousands come to prostrate themselves at his grave site each year.

The book over which the Divrei Chaim of Sanz toiled over and studied, Shu”t V’Chiddushei Mahar”i MiTrani, with his stamp, and drops from his tallow candle among the book’s pages, mainly in the responsum regarding mikvehs, about which the Divrei Chaim himself wrote a responsum in his book, and he cited this book as a source for his words.

“Refuah Sheleimah” letter from the Admo”r of Satmar, R’ Yoelish and other letters and writings from rabbinic leaders:

The Admo”r Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Zhidichov, the author of Aruch LaNer, the ‘Chazon Ish,’ the Steipler, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and others. First editions of classic seforim, and Salvuta and Zhitomir prints.

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